I’ve Switched to the New TicketLeap! What’s Next?

You’ve opted into moving your TicketLeap experience – congrats! Now that the process is underway, we’ll show you what to expect from our new ticketing system, so you can hit the ground running.

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A new and improved TicketLeap

Now that you’ve initiated the migration process, we’ve got the rest covered!  While you wait, our team has put together some video guides and articles to help prepare you for your new TicketLeap experience. We want to make sure you know our new system back and forth before you even step foot in it!


Understanding Refunds

Our new streamlined ticketing system will make it easy for organizers to refund full or partial amounts of your tickets.

Understanding Ticket Exchanges

Introducing ticket exchanges! Watch our video on how they work and how organizers like you can use them.

An app icon of a bar code

Understanding Our Scan App

Get your attendees in the door lightning-fast, thanks to our new ticket scanning app! Check out this article to get more acquainted with the app and download it to your devices.

An app icon of two tickets

Understanding Our New Selling App

Easily sell more tickets at the door with our dedicated box office app! Learn more about the latest in our TicketLeap free app and install it in preparation for your next event.


Post-Migration Checklist

  • Review your active event URLs and update any links you may have on social media or websites. As needed, confirm that your old event URL is now redirecting to the new one.
  • If you have events with tickets currently on sale, check your orders report for those events.
  • Confirm that your discounts look correct, and make any adjustments if needed.
  • Add your bank account information for your payouts.
  • Reenter information regarding any additional user permissions to your account as well as analytics and pixel tracking details.
  • Look at your event listings to ensure everything transferred over correctly and make any adjustments.
  • Download our new scanning and box office apps to use onsite.

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