Meet the Brand New TicketLeap!

We're thrilled to share that a new version of TicketLeap is now available for your events! We've launched the next generation of our platform with a modern, mobile-first experience and some new features.

What's new and different with TicketLeap

With a revamped admin, the latest version of TicketLeap is packed with powerful changes and new features! Curious what's included and what's different about our ticketing platform in this update? Click below to learn more!

How to prepare for moving your account

To ensure you're fully prepared before moving your account, we've put together a step-by-step guide just for you! That way, all your questions are answered and you can feel confident about making the switch.

What to expect after moving your account

Once you've switched to our new system, we have a number of resources available, from comprehensive guides to informative videos, to help you get started. We're here to help you unlock the full potential of our new platform!

Should move to the new TicketLeap? Use this handy guide to inform your decision.

So, you’ve read this guide and are ready to move your account? Check out this checklist to ensure you’re prepared for the move!

What should I expect when I move to the new TicketLeap?

We’re super excited to announce that the latest version of TicketLeap is finally here! Before making the switch to our new platform, here are some important things to keep in mind:

The new TicketLeap is built on a completely different platform

We believe that our event organizers deserve the same level of security, privacy, and stability that large events get. That’s why we have now rebuilt TicketLeap on the backbone of an enterprise ticketing platform.

This means our ticketing platform has certified compliance with the highest tier of data security out there, right out of the gate. With top-tier security as our foundation, we can focus our efforts on bringing new features and enhanced capabilities to TicketLeap users!

The new platform looks a lot different

We’ve changed on the outside, but we’re still the same friendly, straightforward product you know on the inside. Think of it as a TicketLeap glow-up! We’re now building out this new platform with lots of new features to grow with the future of event ticketing, and slowly letting go of our previous ticketing platform. Think of this transition as retiring a great product for an even greater one!

The new TicketLeap is missing some of the features you’re used to (but they’re in the works!)

While there are some small differences between the old and new TicketLeap versions, all the core features you have come to rely on will still be there. However, while a number of features are the same between the two systems, there are a few features still in development for the new TicketLeap and our team is working hard to roll them out. Want to learn more? Visit this page for a full list of features!

You will be leaving your old Ticketleap account behind and unable to go back

Once you’ve opted into moving your account, we’ll automatically set you up with an account on the new TicketLeap. As with any change, we understand there are some things you’ll need to prepare for, but we’re confident you’re going to love the new TicketLeap once you get settled in.

An important note: you can NOT use your previous account after migrating, so make sure you’re ready by following this guide! If you need to access something from your previous account after the move, please contact our support team. They will still have access to your former account for a limited period.

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Is my buyer data transferred with the move?

Yes, your data will be transferred to your new account back from 2020 to now. However, any data prior to 2020 will not be transferred to your new account.

How will payments work after moving my account?

If you're an event organizer who currently uses our merchant processor (TLX Payments), then there will be no changes to how your payments will be processed; however, you'll still need to re-enter your bank account information. If you are using PayPal or to process your payments, we'll transfer you over to our payment processor and may ask you for some additional information upon first logging in to help us do so.

Will TicketLeap's fees be changing?

No, our standard ticketing fees will not change. We charge $1 + 2% of the ticket price, plus 3% on the order for credit card processing. Our reduced fee for tickets $5 and below is $0.49 and our fee cap is $20.

Will I need a new mobile app to scan or sell tickets onsite?

Yes! You can download the app for selling tickets onsite and for scanning tickets on the stores for both iOS and Android devices

How do I refund tickets that were purchased before moving my account?

Please contact our client support team, and we’ll be more than happy to help!

Ready to move your account? Let's get started!