An Event Ticketing Platform for Every Industry

From haunted attractions to drive-in theaters, we'll help put your events in the spotlight! Super simple pricing, no contracts, user friendly platform and a full feature set are just a few of the reasons why TicketLeap is the go-to ticketing system for events of all kinds.


Easy ticketing for all kinds of events

Our intuitive platform is made with event organizers in mind. No matter what kind of event you're hosting, we have all the tools and resources you need to reach more attendees and keep them coming back. With our built-in event management features, ticketing features, smart reporting tools, and a reliable support team, it's easy to see why event creators across every industry choose TicketLeap time and time again.

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A ticketing platform that simplifies online ticket sales


Whether you're selling event tickets to your orchard, vineyard, or any other fall attraction, kickstart your ticket sales effortlessly with our branded event pages and timed entry tools. Experience the thrill of fast and easy event ticketing that guarantees seamless entry for your guests!


Haunted Attractions

Event ticketing should be a treat, not a trick! Make it a breeze for your buyers to sign custom waivers during checkout and effortlessly scan them at the door, guaranteeing they'll have a spine-chillingly fast entry to all the scares!


Beer, Wine, & Spirits Festivals

Make online ticket sales for your boozy events an absolute blast! Count on our dependable support team (available via phone and email) to assist you with any event ticketing questions you may have. We've got you covered!


High Schools

From the homecoming game to the school play and prom, make sure all your students and their families can join in the fun! With a flat fee of just $0.49 for event tickets priced at $5 and below, accessibility is guaranteed and you'll be able to create unforgettable moments for everyone!


Colleges & Universities

Make sure your entire student body knows about your next big event by using our super simple marketing platform tools, like email campaigns and QR codes, to help spread the word about ticket sales across campus!



Make it easy for your community to support your organization even before your charity event. With our event ticketing software, you can easily collect donations and set flexible ticket prices with our "name your price" tool to help support your cause!


Drive-In Movie Theaters

Lights, camera, action! Get ready to elevate your event experience with our ticketing platform. Packed with user-friendly features and free mobile apps for seamless attendee check-ins and onsite ticket sales, it's your key to a successful event and showcasing more of the films you love!



Launch your event in minutes with our intuitive event ticketing system! Harness the power of features like beautiful event website pages, engaging registration questions, and the ability to accept donations to uplift your church and make all your events a resounding success!



Can I sell tickets online and onsite with TicketLeap?

Yes! With our simplified ticketing experience, you can sell tickets online in minutes. And if you want to maximize your onsite sales, you can sell tickets at the door with the help of our dedicated box office ticketing app!

Can I sell event tickets for any kind of event with TicketLeap?

Yes! TicketLeap offers online ticket sales for all types of event tickets including general admission, timed entry, and more. No matter what kind of event you're hosting, our event ticketing software can adapt to your needs.

What kind of reporting tools does TicketLeap have to help understand my event?

TicketLeap offers smart reporting on your sales and attendee data before and after your event. With these details right at your fingertips, you'll know exactly how your events are performing.

Can customers buy tickets to multiple different events at the same time with TicketLeap?

Yes, when customers add one ticket to their checkout, they can go back and add more tickets from other events you're hosting.

What sets TicketLeap's pricing apart from the rest?

We offer super simple pricing with no contracts. Ticketing fees are just $1 + 2% of the ticket price (plus credit card processing) and are never more than $20 a ticket. For events priced at $5 and below, we charge a flat fee of just $0.49, ensuring accessibility and affordability.

How can I start selling tickets online with TicketLeap?

Getting started is easy! Sign up for a free account on our online ticketing platform, create your event page, and start selling tickets online in minutes.

For over 20 years, we've helped event creators sell more than 90 million tickets.

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