TicketLeap vs. HauntPay

TicketLeap's event ticketing system is the perfect HauntPay alternative for organizers who want year-round support for their haunted attractions. Use our platform to sell tickets online, promote your event, and get paid in a flash!


Compare TicketLeap and HauntPay

How does TicketLeap stack up to HauntPay? When it comes to features, support, and more, HauntPay just can't compare!

TicketLeap HauntPay comparison at a glance

Built for all event types

Excellent, responsive customer service year-round

Dedicated chargeback support

Mobile-friendly admin dashboard

Reduced pricing for tickets $5 and below


The best HauntPay alternative

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Built for more than haunted attractions

While HauntPay's platform is built only for haunted attractions, TicketLeap's scary simple ticketing platform is designed to accommodate both your haunts and any other events you want to host throughout the year. For Halloween events, farms, fall festivals, or anything in between, our free, intuitive ticketing system is perfect for events of any size and scope. HauntPay can't compare!

Full set of features at no extra cost

TicketLeap offers a full feature set to help organizers handle any event. Other ticketing platforms like HauntPay pick and choose what features they offer based on what they think you need. At TicketLeap, we don't decide what you do and don't need. All our features are available to everyone, all the time, including timed entry ticketing, waivers, promotional tools, and so much more.

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Reduced pricing for select tickets

While HauntPay charges a 2.5% + $0.50 per-ticket fee* for all online ticket sales, TicketLeap understands you shouldn't be paying that much for low-priced tickets! That's why we offer only a flat $0.49 fee for tickets priced $5.00 or below. Plus, if your event is free, there's no fees at all! That means more money for you to host terrifying haunts that keep attendees coming back year after year.

* HauntPay pricing comparison is based upon HauntPay's published pricing page as of January 2024. Please visit HauntPay's website for complete and up-to-date pricing details.

Spine-tingling features to sell-out your haunted attraction

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Whether your next experience calls for one ticket type or many, an individual event or a recurring series of shows, we've got you covered! Our easy-to-use software makes selling tickets online and onsite easier than ever. And unlike some competitors, with TicketLeap, you always know you'll collect prompt payment for your ticket sales.

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Event Marketing

Create a custom-branded event page that wows your audience on any device so you can easily spread the word about your event and drive sales with tools like promotional codes, integrated third-party analytics, and post-purchase messaging. Then, review your sales and customer data to measure your success right from our event ticketing system.

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Event management

Our built-in event management tools are available to every user from day one! Generate attendee lists, run sales reports, and manage event day registration all from one system. Get everything you need to make your next event one to remember.


What is the difference between TicketLeap and HauntPay?

TicketLeap is a comprehensive event management platform that offers features such as timed ticketing, event promotion, attendee management, and more for your events all year round. HauntPay is primarily focused on providing ticketing services just for haunted attractions.

Can I customize my event page on TicketLeap?

Absolutely! With TicketLeap, you have complete freedom to customize your event page using your own branding, captivating images, and compelling video content. This not only creates a professional and unique experience but also leaves a lasting impression on your attendees and sells more tickets!

How does TicketLeap ensure the security of my ticket sales?

TicketLeap utilizes cutting-edge encryption technology to safeguard all transactions conducted through our enterprise-level platform. Rest assured, your security is our top priority!

Why should I choose TicketLeap over HauntPay?

While both event ticketing platforms offer ticket sales for events, TicketLeap's wider range of features, user-friendly interface, and excellent customer support (including dedicated help with any chargebacks!) make it the best option for managing events of all sizes.

For over 20 years, we’ve helped event creators sell more than 90 million tickets.

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Why event creators love TicketLeap!

"TicketLeap is very supportive, and johnny-on-the-spot with any question. They're helpful with event setup and special requests. Great folks!"

Monster Corn Maze

"Our organization has used TicketLeap for over a decade. The TicketLeap staff is wonderful to work with and have always been very helpful in customizing the service to fit the needs of our organization. The platform is extremely user friendly, which is a definite plus given the number of seasonal staff members who need to access the ticketing system."

Rochester Fringe Festival, Inc.

"In 2020, our business needed to pivot to meet requirements for opening due to pandemic restrictions. TicketLeap offers exactly what we need - an online ticket platform that helps us manage crowds, communicate with guests, and allow for add-on sales. TicketLeap's customer service is unmatched. Their personnel are timely and professional when responding to guests and me, the business owner. TicketLeap is responsive to changing needs of businesses and industry standards, easy-to-use, and efficient. The platform is perfect for any size business or event."

Gaver Farm

Make the switch from HauntPay to TicketLeap today!