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Use our marketing and event management tools to sell tickets online. View insights from our tracking and reporting tools to create targeted email blasts, social posts, and special offers.

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Timed entry
Control capacity by selling tickets at time slots separated by minutes, hours, or days. Sell tickets more efficiently throughout the day, set dedicated cleaning times, and more.
Smart reporting
Track ticket sales by location, ticket type, and more. Connect services like Google Analytics to measure where your buyers come from and what their interests are.
Event management
Our advanced set of event planning tools will keep you organized. Generate attendee lists, create an event calendar, connect other key services, and so much more.
Reserved seating
Create your own venue with drag-and-drop seats, rows, and blocks. Sell event tickets by section, and clone seating charts to easily build future events. 
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Pass the fees to your buyers and it’s free for you to sell event tickets.
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Our fees are $1+2% of the ticket price, and never more than $10 per ticket. Pass these fees to your buyers and it’s totally free for you to sell tickets online. (Credit card processor fees are 3%—you can use ours, or your own.)
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That’s right - event ticket sales with no fees for you or your buyers if your event is free! And if your ticket price is $5 or less, we have a flat rate of 25 cents including credit card fees. How’s that for a cost-effective online ticket sales platform?
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We pay you 3-5 business days after your event, and allow you to opt into direct deposit or choose payment by check to get paid quickly for your ticket sales.
For over 10 years we’ve helped event creators sell 30 million tickets to their events.
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"Excellent, very user-friendly. I cannot say enough about how easy it was to make my page, and how professional it all looked. Several people mentioned it at our event."
- Leslie George
Keep Our Mountains Beautiful
"This was the 4th or 5th time we've used Ticketleap for our event. I still can't believe how easy the site is to use and the customer service is always amazing!"
- Brian Puffer
Saline Community Education

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