International fees


Fees per ticket

CC processing Fee: 3%*



Canadian Dollar
CC processing Fee: 4.5%*

CA $1.00


British Pound






New Zealand Dollar

NZ $1.00


Australian Dollar

AU $1.00


Mexican Peso

MXN $10.00


*CC Processing Fees only apply if payments are made through Ticketleap Payments


Simple, Straightforward Pricing

Our system is completely free for all event organizers; no contracts necessary! Simply pass on the fees to your ticket buyers, and put those savings back into your event.

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Free ticketing all day, every day.

With our super simple system, ticketing fees are just $1+2% of the ticket price, and never more than $10 per ticket. Pass those fees along to your buyers so it’s completely free for you! Credit card processor fees are only 3%, and you can use ours, or your own.

Understanding your ticket fees just got a whole lot easier.

Put down the pen and paper and discover your exact ticket fees with our online calculator. Just enter your ticket price, decide if you want to pass the fees onto your buyers, and let us do the rest!

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All your ticketing needs at no extra charge.

Special $5 and below pricing

We offer a flat fee of $0.25 for all tickets priced $5 or below (some restrictions may apply). That means keeping your ticket cost as low as possible for your customers!

No fees for onsite sales

Onsite ticket sales are a breeze thanks to our free app. You can use your own mobile devices to sell tickets at the door. The best part? We don’t charge fees for onsite sales, only credit card processing.

Free events are always free

Here at Ticketleap, we believe that free means free, which means you never have to pay a dime in fees if you’re hosting free events. There’s no better deal for you or your customers!

No contracts

No contracts or commitments. Ever. Just tell us a bit about yourself (name, email—the usual) and how you’d like to get paid. We think our easy-to-use, fairly priced ticketing software speaks for itself!

International fees

Whether you’re selling tickets to an event in England, New Zealand, or with one of our other accepted currencies, our always-affordable fees are tailored to your location. Find your location today. 

No restrictive service tiers

Every event organizer, large or small, can use our entire suite of event ticketing and management tools. Unlike our competitors, there’s never a surcharge to use our full feature package!

Collect your payments quickly.

You always get paid 4-7 business days after your event ends! If that’s not quick enough for your needs, you can apply for our FastPay option to collect revenue on a weekly basis leading up to your event.

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