Ticketleap FastPay

Receive funds from ticket sales weekly

Start receiving money before your event happens. Ticketleap Payments is the easiest, most effective payment option for ticket sales. Now, you can apply for FastPay and get your ticket sales money every week.


How often do payments go out?

Ticketleap sends payments out weekly, at the end of the day on Monday, for ticket sales from the previous week through Saturday.

What's the limit?

Ticketleap FastPay limit is $25,000 USD paid before your event occurs.

How can I increase the total limit?

Let's talk! Get in touch with our customer success team.

Where is this offered?

FastPay is used with Ticketleap Payments, which is available in The United States and Canada.

Is there an additional fee for using FastPay?

Nope. The ticketing fee remains the same and comes off each ticket, not in a lump sum at the end (no surprise totals for you).

How do I apply?

So happy you asked! You can go fill out this quick application, or get in touch with our customer success team to discuss.

How do I get my money?

In the U.S., you can set up direct deposit to get the money sent right to your bank account. In Canada, you'll receive a cheque.

Got a question not answered here? Visit the FastPay Help Page for additional info on the program.

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