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Ticketleap’s event ticketing system is the perfect TicketSpice alternative for organizers who want complete access to a user-friendly system and full feature set for less. Create a free account, sell tickets online, and get paid fast!
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Compare Ticketleap and TicketSpice

How does Ticketleap compare to TicketSpice? See for yourself how the two stack up when it comes to features, pricing, and more!

Comparison at a glance



Easy, user-friendly platform

Dedicated team to win your chargebacks

Full feature access with no upcharges

Free to use your own payment processor

No charge to send email blasts

Full set of features with no extra fees

Ticketleap offers a full feature set to help organizers handle events of all types. Other ticketing platforms like TicketSpice charge you for essential add-ons like sending emails from their system. With Ticketleap, you get all the features you were promised when you signed up – at no extra cost. Send email blasts to generate buzz before your event, promote exclusive discounts to drive more online ticket sales, and learn more about your ticket buyers with our smart reporting tools.

Support team that fights your chargebacks (and wins!)

Unlike TicketSpice, who leaves you to your own devices, we have a full-time risk manager who addresses every single chargeback that comes through our system. Thanks to our efforts, we’ve successfully won over 50% of chargeback claims filed – well above the industry average win rate of 32%! With Ticketleap by your side, you can rest assured your ticket sales are in the best hands and keep more money in your pocket!

Simple pricing for select tickets

While TicketSpice adds a $0.49 per ticket fee on top of credit card processing for onsite sales, Ticketleap has no per ticket fee for your box office sales! For online sales, TicketSpice offers a flat fee of $0.99 per ticket (plus credit card processing), but adds extra fees for key features like email blasts, using your own payment processor, and more. And if your tickets are $5 or less, we only charge a flat $0.25 per ticket.

*TicketSpice pricing comparison is based upon TicketSpice’s published pricing as of July 2023. Please visit TicketSpice’s website for complete and up-to-date pricing details.

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Why other users love Ticketleap

"As far as I'm concerned, Ticketleap is the only web ticketing service worth using. It's easy to set up, very customizable, and they provide products to support sales from the time the event is created to the time customers check in at the door. As always, I am very pleased."

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"For over three years I have used Ticketleap as the ticketing platform for several organizations I manage. Ticketleap is incredible. Flexible and easy to use, it allows us not only to have general sales ticketing, but also a great reserved seating process complete with custom seating floor plans, multi-level pricing, and an intuitive user experience."

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