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Compare Ticketleap and Eventbrite

How does Ticketleap stack up to Eventbrite? When it comes to features, pricing, customer support, and more, Eventbrite just can’t compare!

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Built for all event types

Excellent, responsive customer support

Fully branded event pages

Simple, straightforward fees

No contracts or commitments

Complete platform access; no service tiers

Branded event pages that work for you

Eventbrite uses valuable space on your event page to showcase their own branding and even promote events from other organizers. With Ticketleap, your event page is all about you. Simply sign up for a free account, put your brand on display with one of our templates designed to offer a smooth ticket buying experience, and start selling tickets in minutes.

Friendly support that’s here to help

While Eventbrite has pre-written help articles available, they don't offer personalized customer support unless you upgrade to a Premium account. Ticketleap’s support team and resources, however, are available to organizers from the moment you sign up for a free account! You can visit our help center for quick answers to your most common questions or talk directly to our client support team via phone, email, or live chat.

Simple, straightforward fees

When you sign up with Eventbrite, you need to pay $1.79 + 3.7% per ticket just to sell tickets on their platform (plus credit card processing). And you don't even get access to all of their features unless you upgrade your account! Ticketleap’s affordable fees are just $1 + 2% of the ticket price (plus credit card processing) and are never more than $10 a ticket. If you pass the fees onto your buyers, it’s completely free to sell tickets online. Plus, you get access to our full feature set right from the get-go at no extra cost.

*Eventbrite pricing comparison is based upon Eventbrite’s published Professional Package pricing as of January 2023. Please visit Eventbrite’s website for complete and up-to-date pricing details.

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Why other users love Ticketleap

"As a black box theater owner with a separate full-time job, I really appreciate how efficiently I can create, promote, and manage my shows. It only takes a couple of minutes to have a volunteer ready to check patrons in or sell tickets at the door. I couldn’t do it without you, Ticketleap!"

Comedy Arts Theater of Charlotte

“Ticketleap really fit the bill for what we were looking for. Being able to easily look up customer orders, see if tickets were redeemed, offer quick refunds, and pull data was tremendously helpful. The email blast feature is great as well. Everything was great with Ticketleap!”

The Lark Ranch

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