Ticketleap vs. Brown Paper Tickets

Sell tickets, promote your event, and get paid fast with Ticketleap, the user-friendly event ticketing alternative to Brown Paper Tickets. If you want an easy-to-use platform that simplifies payments and fees, Ticketleap is the answer!
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Compare Ticketleap to Brown Paper Tickets

How does Ticketleap compare to Brown Paper Tickets? When it comes to features, pricing, and more, you’ll see that the answer is clear!

Comparison at a glance

Brown Paper Tickets


Fully branded event pages

Simple, straightforward fees

Quick, reliable payments

Option to collect weekly payouts

No ticket fee for onsite sales

Excellent, responsive customer support

Fully branded event pages

At Ticketleap, we know how important it is to provide your ticket buyers with a seamless ticket buying experience, and our event pages do just that! Create fully branded event pages that highlight the most important details of your event, complete with your logo, colors, and images. Plus, we offer key features Brown Paper Tickets doesn’t, like an event calendar page to showcase all of your upcoming events.

Full set of features and resources

No matter what type of event you’re hosting, Ticketleap offers a full suite of ticketing features to help you sell tickets online and get paid fast! We also have marketing, event management, and reporting tools to help you put on an awesome event. And, while it’s super easy to manage your entire event yourself, you can always contact our team if you have any questions or want some expert advice. We’re here to help!

Simple, straightforward pricing

When you sell tickets with Brown Paper Tickets, you’ll pay $0.99 + 5% per ticket, no matter what, even for onsite sales and low-priced tickets! With Ticketleap, our ticketing fees are just $1 + 2% (plus credit card processing), and never more than $10 a ticket. Plus, we offer a flat rate of $0.25 for tickets priced under $5, and free tickets are always free. And unlike Brown Paper Tickets, we don’t charge any refund fees if you need to cancel your event.

*Brown Paper Tickets pricing comparison is based upon Brown Paper Tickets’ published pricing as of October 2021. Please visit Brown Paper Tickets’ website for complete and up-to-date pricing details.

For over 15 years, we’ve helped event creators sell more than 60 million tickets.

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Why other users love Ticketleap

"Ticketleap's customer service is unmatched; their personnel are timely and professional when responding to both guests and our team. Ticketleap is responsive to the changing needs of businesses and industry standards, easy-to-use, and efficient. The platform is perfect for any size business or event."

Gaver Farm

"First and foremost, the Ticketleap staff is friendly and very helpful. I wouldn’t use any other ticketing company. Their whole system is extremely user-friendly, and their customization tools are exactly what I need to bring my event page to life. Highly recommend it."

Bandas Y Trocas

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