How to Make Money Live Streaming: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ready to take your event to the next level and reach audiences around the world? Well, look no further! When you host a virtual event, your attendees can get in on the action from anywhere (no travel required) and know there’s always a spot waiting for them. Plus, by following our guide, you’ll learn how to make money from streaming and boost your bottom line. Read on to discover how easy it is to put on a paid live stream with Ticketleap!

Step 1: Set up a free ticketing account

With our user-friendly ticketing platform, you'll have instant access to a full suite of features, complete with built-in marketing tools, smart reporting, and event management capabilities to help you make money live streaming. Fear not: we’ve done the heavy lifting for you, so you don’t need any technical experience or coding know-how to get started. Just set up a free Ticketleap account with your name and email, then tell us how you’d like to get paid — it’s that easy.

Step 2: Build the event ticketing page of your dreams

Get those creative juices flowing and design your very own event ticketing page. This is your chance to make your event stand out, so be bold! With Ticketleap’s design dashboard, you’ll have total control over how your page looks. Just choose from a suite of professional-looking templates, then add in your event details and an eye-catching image. In just a few clicks, you’ll have a fully branded page to sell live stream tickets on.

Step 3: Choose where to host your paid live stream

Your virtual event is really coming together now! But before you can make money live streaming, you’ll need to choose which platform you want to use to broadcast your content. (It’s easier than it sounds, we promise.) Pick from YouTube, Zoom, Facebook, Vimeo, or Twitch, and grab the live stream URL to add into your Ticketleap account. That’s it! And don’t worry, this URL won’t be public.

Step 4: Shout from the rooftops

Now you’re ready to sell live stream tickets! Build buzz about your paid stream by getting the word out everywhere (and we mean everywhere) in a variety of ways. Promote your event on social media and encourage ticket buyers to invite their friends. Partner with online influencers to tap into their existing audience base. Send out targeted email blasts to past customers. If you want to take your event promotion up a notch, use Ticketleap’s built-in marketing tools to create special discount codes. Add them to your campaigns, then watch your live stream sales soar. Plus, in the days leading up to your stream, track usage of these promo codes to optimize your marketing efforts and reach even more customers.

Step 5: Control who can see your stream

Once you’ve sold live stream tickets, how do you make sure only paying customers can view your stream? Just think of Ticketleap as your personal virtual event bouncer! The key to making money from live streaming is to gate access to your online content. To do so, our intuitive ticketing platform will send a unique access code to ticket buyers that grants them admission on show day. No purchase, no access code, no entry!

Step 6: Get ready to go live

With your event just a few days away, it’s time to make sure everything is set for your paid live stream. Be sure to complete your final camera and mic checks, send any last-minute communications to ticket buyers, and confirm the streaming content schedule so your event goes off without a hitch!

Step 7: Wow your attendees

It’s the moment you and your ticket buyers have been waiting for. Get ready to shine! As your virtual event’s start time nears, your attendees can use their access codes to enter a virtual waiting room. Once your video feed is up, customers will automatically be sent to your paid live stream to enjoy your event. Now that’s what we call putting the “stream” in streamlined.

Step 8: Get paid

Congratulations, your virtual event was a hit! Ticketleap’s platform makes it super easy for you to get paid for live streaming in a lump sum at the conclusion of your event. Want to get paid faster? Learn how you can apply for Ticketleap’s FastPay option to receive funds from ticket sales weekly, even before your event happens.

Step 9: Repeat!

And there you have it, now you know how to livestream events like a pro (and make money doing it). Send your attendees a thank you email and ask for their feedback so you can make your next live stream even better and more profitable. Once you’re ready to start planning your next virtual event, use Ticketleap’s dynamic reporting features to discover which promotional efforts brought in the most attendees and where you can improve.