8 Event Ticketing Features You Need for a Successful Haunt Season

As an organizer of haunted attractions, are you sure your event ticketing platform offers all the right tools to sell tickets online and onsite? Thrill-seekers everywhere are more ready than ever to put their courage to the test at your attraction, so you need to be sure you’re using the right ticketing features. And Ticketleap is here to help! Read on for our event experts’ eight features that your ticketing platform needs to lend a hand in pulling off your biggest scare yet.

1. Branded event pages

First up: You need a fully branded event page that gives your customers an easy ticket buying experience while showing them all the most important info about your haunt. Your ticketing platform should make it simple to create a spooky-looking event page that works on any device, and even offer ready-to-use templates so you can quickly start selling haunt tickets online!

2. Timed entry

Beyond general admission pricing, your event ticketing platform needs to have timed entry ticketing. Why, you may ask? Because being able to control capacity throughout the day for your haunt is the key to a successful season. With Ticketleap, you can control how many people are in your event through selling tickets at individual time slots separated by minutes, hours, or days. Plus, with our bulk editing tool, you can update important info (like ticket prices and event details) across all your haunt’s dates and times instantly!

3. Onsite ticket sales

While selling tickets online is your bread and butter, you definitely need to be selling tickets at the gate, too. Those walk-up sales can add a nice boost to your annual revenue! If you’re already using an event ticketing platform, make sure you can easily manage cash and card payments at the door.

4. Built-in waivers and registration

Add custom waivers and registration questions right into your checkout process for a scary easy way to collect the customer information you desire most. Plus, not only will you be able to forewarn attendees of the screams and scares they’ll experience at your haunt, you’ll speed up the onsite check-in process ten-fold!

5. Ticketing scanning app

If you’ve ever attended a haunted house or other Halloween event, you know the pain of slow-moving check-in lines. So you want to make sure you partner up with a ticketing platform that provides you with a free ticket scanner app that allows you to check in your next victims at lightning-fast speed and sell additional tickets at the gate (like Ticketleap!)

6. Built-in marketing tools

A ticketing platform worthy of working with your haunt will have the tools to help you manage your entire marketing campaign. For example, your platform should let you add custom messaging to your ticket confirmation emails to share important event details and thank your customers for their purchase. You should also be able to send email blasts to attendees before and after your haunt, share news or discounts with your social media audience, and so much more!

7. Smart reporting

Discover more about your customers, like their location and interests, and use that information to take your haunted attraction to the next level. By connecting services like Google Analytics, you’ll learn exactly where haunt-seekers are coming from and what they’re most excited for, so you can give them an event experience they’ll never forget (even in their nightmares).

8. Friendly support

When it comes to support, every ticketing platform is not created equal. You need a friendly and experienced team ready to answer all of your questions. If you need help setting up your event listing, want to talk strategy for your admissions, or just need someone to bounce ideas off of, you deserve an expert team by your side.

Choosing the right ticketing platform for haunt season

When you're looking for an event ticketing system with the right features to support you this haunt season, choose an easy-to-use event ticketing platform with simple, straightforward pricing like Ticketleap! We have all the features you need to sell tickets online, promote your haunt, and give attendees the fright of their lives for absolutely free, all the time.

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