8 Must Have Event Ticketing Features for Farms

As an event organizer, are you sure your event ticketing platform offers all the right tools to sell tickets online and onsite? Friends and families are more ready than ever to explore everything your farm, vineyard, or orchard has to offer, so you need to be sure you’re using the right ticketing features to pull off your most successful fall season yet! Enter, Ticketleap. Read on for our event experts’ eight features your ticketing platform needs for a successful fall season.

1. Farm-friendly event pages

The first thing fall event organizers need is a fully branded event page that provides a smooth ticket buying experience for customers while giving them all the necessary information about your event. Make sure your event ticketing platform provides ready-to-use page templates that work on any device so you can quickly start selling tickets online!

2. Online marketing and promotional tools

While the average ticketing platform will allow you to share your event on social media, the event ticketing platform you deserve will have all the tools you need to promote your farm and set up targeted marketing campaigns in minutes! You should also be able to add custom messaging to your ticket confirmation page and easily communicate with your customers before, during, and after your event with branded email blasts.

3. Mobile ticket scanning app

Does your event ticketing platform have the right features you need to help speed up lines at the door? Make sure you choose a ticketing partner that provides you with a ticket scanner app to help attendees get to the fun faster. If you're using an event platform like Ticketleap, you and your staff can use our free mobile ticketing app at any time!

4. Onsite ticket sales

While selling tickets online is at the core of your ticketing strategy, you definitely need to be selling tickets at the gate, too. Those walk-up sales really add a sweet boost to your overall revenue! If you’re already using an event ticketing platform, make sure you can manage cash and card payments at the door with ease.

5. Timed entry ticketing

If you're running a farm, vineyard, or pumpkin patch, you want to consider offering both general admission and timed entry ticketing. With Ticketleap’s timed entry features, for example, you’ll get total control over the number of people admitted into your farm at any given time and can manage event capacity by selling tickets at individual time slots separated by minutes, hours, or days. Plus, with our bulk editing feature, you can update your ticket prices, event details, and more across all your dates and times in a matter of seconds.

6. Built-in waivers and registration

Add custom waivers and registration questions right into your checkout process for a super easy way to get all the customer information you’re most interested in. Plus, not only will you be able to gain customer consent to your onsite regulations and rules, you’ll speed up the check-in process onsite without lifting a finger! This feature is especially important for haunt organizers selling tickets online.

7. Smart reporting

Uncover more about your seasonal customers, like their location and interests, and use that information to take your farm, orchard, or vineyard events to new heights! Connect services like Google Analytics to learn exactly where your attendees are coming from online so you can create an even better event. After your event is over, get reports about attendance metrics and ticket sales sent straight to your inbox. With all that data you’ve collected, you can get a jump start on next year’s fall event planning!

8. Friendly support team

Not all ticketing platform support is created equal. Your event ticketing solution should have a friendly, experienced team ready to answer all of your questions at a moment’s notice. If you need help setting up your event or want to talk admissions strategies, make sure you have an expert team by your side (like Ticketleap)!

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Whether you're organizing events for a farm, orchard, pumpkin patch, or anywhere else this fall season, make sure you choose an event ticketing system with everything you need. When you choose Ticketleap, you get access to a full suite of features that help you sell tickets online and promote your events. And you get it all as soon as you sign up with our intuitive platform that always offers simple, straightforward pricing!

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