10 Ticketing Features to Reopen Your Event

It’s finally time to get your in-person events back on the map! To ensure your reopening is a success, you need the right ticketing features at your disposal. Check out the top 10 reopening features sure to help you put on an unforgettable live event, courtesy of our team of event experts.

1. Timed entry

Trust us when we say that one of the most important parts of a successful reopening is controlling capacity during your event. With Ticketleap’s timed entry features, you can control how many people are in your event by selling tickets at individual time slots separated by minutes, hours, or days. You’ll set dedicated times to clean, ensure social distancing, and sell more tickets!

2. Reserved seating

To help ensure social distancing, consider setting up reserved seating for your event’s reopening. With Ticketleap’s drag-and-drop seats, blocks, and rows, customizing your venue map has never been easier! Sell tickets by section or table to allow groups of friends to sit together, while avoiding unnecessary interaction between other attendees.

3. Event pages

List your event reopening guidelines right on your event page so your potential customers know right away what your event has in store! Make the most of this highly customizable page by including need-to-know safety information to help prepare them for a great event experience.

4. Built-in waivers & registration questions

By adding custom waivers and registration questions into your checkout process, you’ll get all the customer info you need for your event in a matter of seconds! Whether customers are agreeing to your reopening regulations, or providing valuable contact information, it’s all accessible to you and your staff with Ticketleap.

5. Built-in refund policies

Give your customers all the information they need right upfront with Ticketleap’s custom refund policies. When you clearly display your specific refund policy before customers purchase their tickets, you’ll decrease any questions they may have and save your team tons of time, so you can focus on hosting the best event reopening possible!

6. Ticket customization

You can add your most important event reopening details directly on your tickets, so customers have everything they need in the palm of their hand. Whether attendees are using mobile tickets or printed tickets, your event reopening guidelines are always within easy reach.

7. Email blasts

We know you want to keep your attendees in the know before, during, and after your event’s reopening, so look no further than Ticketleap’s integrated email tool! It’s never been easier to share important details with your audience, like time-sensitive health information, easy access to FAQs, event surveys, and future promotions.

8. Ticket scanning app

With Ticketleap’s free, easy-to-use ticket scanning app, you’ll check in attendees for your event with lightning-fast speed! Scan tickets via barcode (no-contact ticket scans), look up attendees by name, and even sell additional tickets at the gate with the Apple or Android device of your choice. Long lines are a thing of the past!

9. Friendly support

When it comes to support, every ticketing platform is not created equal. You need a friendly and experienced team ready to answer all of your questions. If you need help setting up your event listing, want to talk strategy for your admissions, or just need someone to bounce ideas off of, our expert team is always ready to give you the support you need!

10. Smart reporting

Discover more about your customers, like their location and interests, and use that information to take your event’s reopening to the next level. By connecting services like Google Analytics, you’ll learn exactly where your ticket buyers are coming from and what they’re most excited for, so you can give them an event experience they’ll never forget.

Luckily, Ticketleap’s system has everything you need to do all this and more! Reopen your event with us today and watch the ticket sales roll in!