5 Ways To Make Your Event Photos Look More Professional

One thing that will help sell out your events is excellent photos. When your website and social are filled with photos, it does more than tell the story of how the day unfolded. It conveys the experience of attending, and that can be a huge conversion feature for potential guests. Ideally, a professional photographer with a high-quality camera and slick editing skills is the best way to capture those images, but let's be real, we don't all have a few extra thousand dollars to hire one. If a professional photographer isn't in your budget, don't stress. There are a few tricks to keep up your sleeve that can help you capture the photos you need!

Buy a small tripod

Stable images = better images. A tripod is a sturdy base for your camera or phone and that will mean your photos won't suffer from any off-centering or blurriness from shaky hands. You can order a tripod online or find them at big box stores like Target or Walmart, and they're relatively inexpensive. Find a corner of your event space that has good sightlines and make that home base for your photos. Then when you have speakers and presenters, you won't need to worry about shaking hands wrecking a good picture. Having your phone on a tripod will allow the camera to auto-focus its settings and get better shots!

Keep your lens clean

Having your phone glued to your hand during your event is not only acceptable, it’s probably best practice. However, your lens is almost guaranteed to get smudged with grease from the piece of pizza you scarfed down in the coat room. If you can remember to have a little lens wipe handy in your pocket, that's amazing! Worst-case scenario, take your shirt and wipe your lens before you take a photo. Keeping your lens clean makes every photo 50% better, we promise.

Find different perspectives

Yes, we just told you to find a corner for your tripod, but that doesn't mean you need to park yourself there for your entire event! How boring would that get? Wander around the room to see groups of people interacting from different angles - get higher than the room by standing on a chair to snap some shots or standing on a riser or a stage.

Choose a Lightroom preset

A preset is a photo that has pre-built settings to edit your photo, and it’s a feature found in Adobe Lightroom. (You might have read the word “Adobe” and had a mild heart attack, but don’t worry, there’s a free version of Lightroom that is a total work horse, and it’s worth a download.) A preset adjusts the contrast, lighting, effects, and details like tone and color. By choosing a preset that you can add to all your photos after your event, you'll give them a consistent and unified look, which will contribute to your branding and make your feed look slick. You can purchase a preset on almost any marketplace - Etsy, Instagram, Twitter, you name it. Be forewarned; they can be a little bit tricky to install. Here's a quick tutorial to get you started.

Don't be shy

Take a big breath (or a shot of tequila, whatever) and ask people at your event to get together for a photo. If you're a mom of young kids, this will not be a problem. But otherwise, we can see how it's a little bit intimidating to walk up to strangers and ask them to pose for a photo. The 10 seconds of awkwardness will be replaced by immense gratitude post-event when you have a whole folder full of people-filled images to help you celebrate your event and market your next one.

Free (or cheap!) photo editing apps we love:

  • Snapseed
  • VSCO
  • Afterlight
  • Pixaloop (this is an app that can animate certain parts of your photos)
  • WordSwag for adding text
  • Canva for creating a suite of images to market your event