Experiences, Not Things

It’s experiences, not things, that provide the lasting memories. Events are organized experiences and we want more of them to exist in this world by inspiring and empowering the passionate people that create them

Our People

Tim Raybould CEO

Accountant turned creator. Dad to 3 girls. A crazy one trying to change the world.

Lee George Customer Success

Living in the burbs with my wife & son. Enjoy relaxing at home, dining out w/ my fam & wrastlin' w/ my little guy. Also? Basketball fan & reality TV scholar.

Brian Frantz VP Engineering

Able to leap...
Legen (wait for it)...
Ninja... Rockstar...

Humble leader of the Ticketleap engineering team. (yep - that's it)

Chrisse Dragon Customer Success

I enjoy drinking wine, laughing, being active, scratching off lottery tickets, people watching and putting on clothes straight from the dryer.

Ben Iliopoulos finance

I manage Ticketleap's accounting and risk, with responsibility for its financial statements. Outside of work, I'm a soccer aficionado and follow @phillies

Bring people together through events and experiences

Our Core Values
Tim Crowe Engineering

Rrabble-rousing web developer, a lover of cooking, my beard, travel, the Phillies and giant dogs. I live outside of Philadelphia.

John Gibfried Engineering

I am a gamer, developer, artist, mountain climber and hunter of the mighty northeastern dire tundra walrus.

Warren Avart Customer Success

Born & raised in N'east Philly and now living downtown. Temple University STHM alum. I bleed Philly sports. Obsessed with the tv show LOST.


Give the DIY event creator community a louder voice

Our Core Values
Len Mainart Engineering

I have a fairly robust family life (shout out to Erika & Sophia). In my spare time I like to dabble in cooking and shame others in sports.

Stacey McDonald Office mgmt

Simply put, I take care of the little things that keep our office happy. I'm also a starving oboist & piano teacher of 25 awesome kids.

Help our customers
sell more tickets

Our Core Values
Matthew Baehr Customer Success

Love to illustrate, go to the theatre and keep up with pop-culture. May the Force be with you? Live long and prosper? Yes, please!

Empower event creators with innovative mobile solutions

Our Core Values
Jack Murphy Engineering

I like to swim, drink craft beer, play with my dog and spend time with my family. Oh, and programming.

Nancy Chacko Engineering

There's nothing better than living in a city with great food, working at a small company with awesome people, and my goofy mutt Buster.

Renee Ferullo Business Intel

My fascination w/ analytics keeps tabs on Ticketleap's performance to drive strategy/action. I love cooking, wine, and Amazon Prime.

Dan Girgenti Engineering

Software Engineering student at Drexel. Minors in Bio, CS, and Philosophy. Lover of ambient music, great food, and beautiful websites.

Swati Nigam Engineering

The friendly neighbourhood bug exterminator aka Quality Assurance engineer at TL.

Beah Burger-Lenehan VP Product

Philly, food, beverage, smart technology, & my Border Collie, Jake. Running long distances is my favorite outlet (training for my 1st ultra)

Alexander Kipphut Design

Designer, problem solver, and narrator with branding in my blood.


Small teams can make a big impact

Our Core Values
Jennifer Leisner Customer Success

Loves Broadway musicals, sunny days, and yoga pants. Favorite job ever- wife and mom. Good at helping people & solving problems.

Paul Nuschke Product

Half artist, half engineer who loves user experience design, research, and craftsmanship. Found on weekends letting my three young ones loose on the world.

Bob Horan Marketing

Not to be confused with Barbara Ann. I love IPAs, Phillies, COYS, PSU, Lost, GoT, Falls Taproom, Chris Brown's "Forever", & art that moves.

Evan Van Ness Finance

Born in Texas. Soccer fan and Boca Juniors socio. I like stats, value, and succinct bios.

Rhiannon D'Ambrosio Customer Success

South Philly native, loves dogs, good food & drinks, adventuring & bikes, backyard garden & creating things

Rachel Robbins Customer Success

I'm an expert parallel parker and yoga enthusiast. Here to help your events be amazing!

Jake Sauer Customer Success

Trans-Siberian traveler. Beer runner. Part-time doodler. Neo-ghetto hipster.

Jimmy Mocko Design

Design intern here; I help with rebranding, and marketing. On the weekends I show off my piano skills, the guitar still needs a little work.

Sarah Lang Marketing

I write stuff on the Internet. I am easily won over with candy.


Our Advisors

Guy Kawasaki

Advisor on Product Evangelism
Founder of Alltop & Garage Technology Ventures

Daymond John

Brand Ambassador
CEO & Founder of FUBU

Mark Goldstein

Advisor on Customer Loyalty
CEO of Loyalty Labs

Steve Davis

Advisor on eCommerce
President of Rue La La

Our Board

Chris Stanchak

Founder & Chairman of Ticketleap

Colin Evans

Founder & Managing Partner of Sandwith Ventures, LLC

Michael Aronson

Co-founder & Managing Partner of MentorTech Ventures

Pete Albert

Managing Partner of Seneca Advisors

James Thompson

Director of Wharton Societal Wealth Program