Making the Most of Online Ticketing

We look at hundreds of events every day (no exaggeration). So at this point, we know a thing or two about why some event pages work and others don’t. Here’s a list of a few things we see all the time that you can improve without too much effort.

Start with a good, clear description

Have you covered all the details people will be wondering about on your event page? It’s more difficult than you’d think it would be. The best thing to do is to have someone else read it; you’ll find out really fast if you’ve left anything out! Some quick things to remember include:

  • Is there food available?
  • Is this an age restricted event?
  • Will people have questions about what to wear or what to bring?
  • Why is this event happening?
  • Are there performer or speaker details to include?
  • How should people expect to feel after the event?

Key writing tip: Make your event page easy for people to scan quickly, not just a solid block of text.

Hero image

Here’s one valuable, short piece of advice for a killer page: Have an image that captures the feel of your event, with no text on it. Whether you have a Ticketleap event page, a Facebook event page, or something on your own website, strong images speak for themselves.

Presence on your website

You know that corner of the Internet that you call home? That’s the first place people look for news about you. That’s why you should clearly share event and ticket information there. It’s great to show that information off somewhere on your homepage, but having Events as a separate page also works.

Hashtags and social activity

We’ve got you covered on how to pick a hashtag for your event, but that’s not all! You gotta share stuff on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else your event goers hang out. If you can’t figure out what to share that doesn’t just seem like you are constantly saying, ‘COME TO MY EVENT,” then try some, or all, of these:

  • Date and time of the event
  • Short description of the event
  • When tickets go on sale
  • When early bird pricing ends
  • Countdown of days until the event
  • Speaker or entertainer social handles and what makes them awesome
  • Quotes or video from speakers/entertainers
  • Pics of the location
  • Thank your sponsor and mention why they are a good fit for your event
  • Ask people who are already coming if you can mention them as people that are coming

Bonus idea!

What about stuff to share before the event? Forget the swag t-shirt, what about an awesome shirt you can send out to get people excited? A well-designed shirt could be the walking billboard you’ve always dreamed about to sell more tickets! If not, what about creating a shareable video that relates to your event? Instead of asking people to share your event, you’re positively associating yourself with great, shared content.