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6 Budget-Friendly Event Swag Ideas

Looking for unique event swag ideas to make your attendees feel more appreciated without breaking the bank? Elevate your events with items like customized apparel or gourmet goodies. From budget-friendly sourcing to effective distribution strategies, let's dive into everything you need to know about event swag!

Why swag bags matter 

Swag items for events are super effective for enhancing your event's brand visibility and recognition. If you provide attendees with branded items that have everyday practical use, those attendees could turn into a walking promotion for your event whenever they use them. Attention-grabbing items can spark conversations, causing people to unexpectedly promote your event and brand image. Not to mention, gifting an event swag bag will be sure to make your attendees feel even more appreciated. 

4 ways to source budget-friendly swag bag items

A lot of times for organizers, event swag bags are sure to add a valuable touch but may be a challenge to execute, depending on your budget. Since staying within your budget is a crucial part of event success, here are four ways to source swag bag items cost-effectively to make gifting them to your attendees more feasible! 

1. Research suppliers

Do your due diligence when researching suppliers! Look for companies that offer competitive pricing for the types of swag items you're looking for without sacrificing quality. Reading reviews can ensure reliability and customer satisfaction with the company's ability to customize as the buyer intended. For some ideas, you may consider Swag, SwagMagic, or SwagUp as potential suppliers. 

2. Bulk order

Some suppliers may offer bulk discounts if you order larger quantities of swag items. By taking advantage of these promotional offers, you can help reduce the unit cost and maximize your budget!

3. Collaborate with sponsors

Reach out to your sponsors! Consider ways you could collaborate with them to provide swag items. For example, you could include some free samples of their products into your swag bags. This allows you to provide goodies for your attendees, while saving you money and offering sponsorship opportunities that creatively promote their company too!

4. Simplify packaging 

To help minimize costs where you can, try simplifying your packaging so you can focus on the items within your swag bags. Opt for cost-effective packaging options like kraft bags and tissue paper.

6 fresh swag bag ideas 

It's no secret that people love free stuff! That said, since swag bags have been around for some time, you may want to think outside the box so your freebies will be even more memorable than the more classic items. Shake things up with the following event swag ideas to surprise your attendees with unexpected items that'll leave a lasting impression!

1. Self-care products 

Encourage attendees to make self-care a priority by incorporating wellness products into their event swag bag! Aromatherapy candles, stress balls, mini massagers, bath bombs, or even a meditation journal are all awesome ideas to promote mindfulness at your events

2. Eco-friendly items

Practicing event sustainability not only helps our environment's well-being, it also shows your brand's commitment to eco-consciousness and encourages your attendees to do the same. As part of your efforts, offer sustainable swag items like reusable water bottles, eco-friendly notebooks, biodegradable tote bags, or even bamboo utensil sets! Pro tip: If you're creating corporate swag bag ideas, bamboo utensil sets are a great addition so your employees can use them on their lunch breaks!

3. Customized apparel 

Including customized apparel and accessories like t-shirts, hats, bracelets, or socks (everyone loves socks) will transform your attendees into walking event promo! This way attendees can show their affiliation and foster brand loyalty, all while creating a sense of exclusivity. Get creative with your logo placements and curate a piece that can easily fit into an individual's wardrobe so they're sure to wear it often! 

4. Tech gadgets 

Add a modern touch to your swag items with tech gadgets and accessories like mini Bluetooth speakers, portable chargers, or tiny trackers to help you find your lost keys. These items are both useful and super convenient! 

5. Gourmet goodies

Food is always a crowd-pleaser and will give your attendees a memorable taste of your event! Consider adding artisan chocolates, mini snacks, candy, or gum to your swag bag. Go the extra mile if you can and customize the packaging of your chosen goodies for a more personal touch!

6. Virtual gifts

Virtual swag bag ideas are an unconventional way to gift your attendees from a distance! On top of traditional items like e-gift cards or coupons, you could think about providing attendees of your virtual event with a beneficial subscription or free link to a virtual fitness class, online wine tasting, e-books, or even a cooking class. 

Handing out your swag bags 

There are a few ways you can handle distributing your swag bags at your event. For one, you could have a designated swag bag pickup area near your registration desk or check-in station where attendees can collect their bags as they walk in. This allows you to impress them from the moment they arrive, plus they can put other things in their bag throughout your event day too. As another option, your staff or volunteers could hand out swag bags directly to attendees during a specific time while your event is underway. You could also set up a booth inside your venue for attendees to grab their bags while browsing around, after your main activities wrap up, or as they get ready to leave. We recommend implementing a mixture of these methods, depending on the layout of your event!

Ready to put together a swag bag for your next event? Use our ideas and tips as a launching pad to get you started! Plus, be equipped with all the other tools you need to host a successful event, including an intuitive ticketing system like TicketLeap. With our powerful platform, you can make your event check-in a breeze, easily manage your event, and more. Sign up for a free account in minutes, and start selling tickets today!

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