Top 6 Scariest Haunted Houses in Ohio

Looking to put your bravery to the test at some of the spookiest haunted attractions this Halloween? Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly experience or one that’s sure to leave you with nightmares, Ohio has the perfect haunted experience for every scare level. From jumpscares on spooky hayrides to spine-chilling tours of genuine haunted houses, read on to uncover which attractions are this season’s scariest in the Buckeye state.

Wells Township Haunted House

Brilliant, OH
Now - Nov 5, 2022

Wells Township Haunted House is the place to be for paranormal investigators and thrill-seekers alike. Constructed in 1836, this building is believed to have been a storage location for the bodies of soldiers killed during the Civil War. Over the past century, those who’ve worked on this property attest to hearing strange noises and voices while in the building. To this day, paranormal experts deem this as a “very active building,” fraught with restless souls, and now you can come tour it for yourself - if you dare. With over 10,000 square feet to explore, you may just join the ranks of those who have experienced the true paranormal activity of this place.

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Field of Fear

Monclova, OH
Now - Oct 29, 2022

Celebrated as one of the scariest experiences Northwest Ohio has to offer, the Field of Fear is a terrifying farm attraction sure to make your hair stand on end. Jump onto their hayride after dark and explore all of their haunts including a creepy carnival, hillbilly hell, and moonshine massacre. Along this morbid corn maze, you’ll fend off ax-wielding murderers, vengeful spirits, psychotic doctors, and machines with minds of their own. At the Field of Fear, you never know what could be lurking just around the corner!

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Carnage Haunted House

Columbus, OH
Now - Nov 5, 2022

Brace yourself for 60,000 square feet of blood, guts, and gore at Carnage Haunted House! Dare to witness the scariest sights and monsters this attraction has to offer as you pass through over 30 rooms across two indoor experiences. Experience morbid scenes such as a ghastly cemetery, bloody kitchen, and eerie funeral home. Plus, just outside their haunted house on select nights, they also have outdoor screenings and a live DJ playing some of our favorite Halloween-themed movies and tunes. Bring your friends, and get ready to scream!

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Dark View Haunt

Toronto, OH
Now - Oct 29, 2022

Ride through acres and acres of Dark View Haunted Attraction to experience one of Ohio’s best haunted houses that’s perfect for the whole family. This attraction takes pride in providing prolonged, interactive experiences rather than a static walk-through performance. And for anyone worried about the haunt being too scary, they also provide daylight hours on select Saturdays! Along with their main spine-chilling attraction, they have an escape room, paintball range, and a stage full of events like horror film screenings and a fire artist. Dark View is pulling out all the stops to make this your most entertaining Halloween experience to date!

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Hell’s Dungeon

Dayton, OH
Now - Nov 5, 2022

Hell’s Dungeon might just be the most terrifying fully-indoor haunted house Ohio has to offer! Featuring 18,000 square feet of bone-chilling scenes, they’re ready to scare the life out of you this Halloween season. Walk through abandoned halls of the medical facility, venture into the depths of the mysterious backwoods, dare to endure the streets of the apocalypse, and face the creatures of their freak show exhibit. As this attraction likes to put it, if you thought you were afraid of hell, wait until you see what lies beneath…

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Haunted Hoochie by Dead Acres

Pataskala, OH
Now - Oct 30, 2022

As you approach Dead Acres’ Haunted Hoochie, you’ll feel the heat of the flames shooting out from atop the entrance into the midnight sky, and you may start to question if you really want to enter one of the scariest attractions in the nation. Prepare yourself for a horrifying sensory overload as you journey through 50 acres of rickety log cabins, musty caverns, monster-infested swamps, and underground cellars. Face unrelenting monsters and demented sights, all created with insane attention to detail, and leave wondering how you made it out alive. Be warned: this is an extreme haunt meant for mature audiences only.

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