Ticketleap vs. HauntPay

Ticketleap simplifies haunted attraction ticketing so you can sell more tickets, promote your event, and get support year-round unlike with HauntPay.

What's the difference?

See how Ticketleap compares to HauntPay. Our free event ticketing software is backed by global event technology solution Patron Technology, so we mean business.

HauntPay says:

With Ticketleap:

“Made for haunted attractions”

We support haunted attractions, fall festivals, and any other event year-round.

“Concierge support” offering extra hours during haunt season

Our friendly client support team is always there when you need them, on-season or off.

“We’re the payment processor”

You can use our payment processor, or your own PayPal or Authorize.net account. We’re not picky!

“Comprehensive reporting on everything”

Our smart reporting features and preset reports give you your most need-to-know information at a glance.

“We skip the features you don’t need”

We don’t decide what you do and don’t need. Our full feature set is available to everyone, all the time.

Frightfully powerful ticketing features.

Ticketleap has all the tools you need to sell out your haunted house.
Timed entry
Controlling capacity just got a whole lot easier. Sell tickets by time slots separated by minutes, hours, or days to get more attendees into your haunt efficiently.
Promotional tools
Create branded event pages that wow your audience! Then, get the word out about your event straight from our system with email blasts, social sharing, and post-purchase messaging.
Built-in waivers and registration
With custom waivers and registration questions built right into our checkout, you’ll gain valuable customer information and forewarn the horrors they’ll behold at your event.
Quick admissions
Check in attendees for your haunt with lightning-fast speed using our free ticket scanning app. Scan in tickets, look up attendees by name, and even sell additional tickets on the fly with ease.

Did we mention it's free?

Ticketleap’s ticketing solution is totally free to use.
Simple pricing, no hidden fees
Our fees are $1+2% of the ticket price, and never more than $10 per ticket. Pass these fees to your buyers so it’s free for you to sell tickets online. (Credit card processor fees are 3%—you can use ours, or your own.)
No fees for free events
That’s right — event ticketing with no fees for you or your buyers if your event is free! And if your ticket price is $5 or less, we offer a flat rate of 25 cents. HauntPay can’t compare!
Get paid fast
We pay you in just 3-5 business days after your haunted attraction, and allow you to opt into direct deposit or check. Plus, with approval for our FastPay option, you can collect payments before your haunt even starts!
No restrictive service tiers
That’s right -- there’s no contracts, no service tiers, and no sneaky upcharges required to use our entire platform. It’s not hocus pocus, it’s Ticketleap!
For over 10 years we’ve helped event creators sell 30 million tickets to their events.
Why other users love Ticketleap.
"We use Ticketleap every year for our haunted house, and it is by far the easiest and most user-friendly ticketing platform we’ve ever used. Visitors can buy tickets at the door and redeem the tickets minutes later."

Matthew Naber
Dark Matter Scream Works
"This was the 4th or 5th time we've used Ticketleap for our event. I still can't believe how easy the site is to use and the customer service is always amazing!"
Brian Puffer
Saline Community Education

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