Sell Tickets to Your Event: How These 2019 Trends Can Boost Sales
The new year is just getting started, and we’re already seeing some interesting trends emerge. If 2018 was the question (“What the heck is happening here?!”), then 2019 is the search for an answer. In an uncertain world, people are looking for something they can count on: comfort, trust, a delightful escape, shared values. We took a look at trends in all different areas and found that each has a valuable takeaway to help you plan an amazing event. This year, think big--build real, meaningful relationships with your audience.
Transparency & Authenticity
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In an ever-expanding economy, it’s easy for consumers to feel like they’re in the dark about where the products they buy are coming from, how they’re made, and whether the companies they support with their dollars reciprocate by supporting the consumer’s values. More and more, companies are breaking down the walls to give consumers insight into who they are as brands and offer the transparency those consumers want.
Tip: Your attendees want your event to reflect their values and ethics, so talk about what you’re doing to support them.
Be mindful of what your audience cares about and be up front about the ways your event aligns with those passions. This way, your buyers can feel good about their ticket purchases.
Fun & Comfort
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Food trends evolve just as much as everything else, and they’re a big part of setting the tone for your event. This year, think about these ways to play with your food:
Tip: This trend is a chance for you to create a world for your attendees to get lost in and forget their troubles for a moment--and feel good about doing so.
Immersive Design
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Incorporating design trends is a great way for your event to feel new and different without having to resort to extreme measures. Here are some trends we’ve noticed:
Tip: While you probably don’t want to take cues from all of these trends at once, they can be a great source of inspiration when designing your event page and other promotional materials. For authentic-looking stock photos we love Unsplash. If you’d like to explore color gradients or other trends we’ve mentioned, you don’t have to hire a designer. Snappa is a great free graphic design tool, or get started with one of Canva’s many templates.
Also keep these trends in mind when thinking about the physical space of the event. The color gradient you used in your promotional materials might make the perfect color scheme for your venue (or vice versa), and will bring a sense of cohesion in addition to just looking great.
Technology Everywhere
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Tip: If having all of the latest technology at your event seems outside of your scope of expertise (and your budget), don’t worry. You don’t need gadgets to create an immersive experience. An attention to detail is all you need to make your attendees feel transported. Set up a chatbot on your website to automatically respond to common buyer questions about things like scheduling and other event details to save yourself time and keep your customers happy. As for cybersecurity, make sure you’re using two-factor authentication for all of your event data (anywhere you type in a username and password), and data encryption for your event’s WiFi.
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In an era of neverending news, trust can seem hard to come by. When anyone can post an online review or Tweet their opinion, it’s difficult to discern what’s genuine and what isn’t. In their search for reputable sources of information, consumers are seeking out experts to help them make informed decisions about their purchases. If they want to succeed, businesses must now position themselves as experts by providing their customers with data, evidence, and unique insights. This helps build a truly trusting relationship with customers, gives them a sense of autonomy in their spending, and leaves them with a positive feeling about the experience.
Tip: Stand out to your audience by positioning yourself as an expert. If you have years of experience in your field, share your best insights. If you’re still relatively new, find a way to attach someone to your event (like a really smart guest speaker). If a special guest isn’t right for your event, reach out to a trusted industry publication for a write-up. Even great photos or videos from one of your previous events can serve as evidence that you’ve done this before, and you know how to show people a great time.
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