Sell Tickets Online Free: 15 free ways to sell more tickets online
We know. You’re already an expert at how to sell tickets online for free (just pass those fees along to your ticket buyers!). But now it’s time to promote your event, and wouldn’t you like to do that for free too? We’ve compiled our 15 best tips to sell more tickets online for free (or pretty close to free).
1. Facebook is your friend
Just about everyone (as in 2.2 billion active monthly users) is on Facebook. Access to that many potential ticket buyers is enough reason to use it. Check out this video for free ways to promote your event to all these people.
2. The early bird gets the deal
Offer ticket discounts to get people to buy more tickets and to buy early. From early bird to word of mouth deals, there are lots of options for you to try.
3. No mo’ FOMO
Remind people how much fun they had (or could have had) at your last event. Share photos on social media that show your previous event goers having a ball. These work like testimonials for future events.
4. #Hashtag
Create an event hashtag and share it often. Make sure it’s visible on the website you’re selling tickets on, and use it in your social media posts when talking about your event.
5. A picture’s worth a thousand words...
When ticket buyers land on your event page, keep their attention by showing them a great image that encompasses your event. This image should make them excited for your event and confident they'll have a great time.
6. ...but words are pretty important too
Write a detailed event description whether you’re using your own website or a third party event page. Descriptive event information lets them know what’s included with their ticket and what they should expect from the event.
7. Get people talking
No matter what social media platform you prefer, make sure to post consistently (2-4 times per week) so that your event stays visible. Use interesting or funny pictures and videos—the kind that will make people want to tag their friends in your post.
8. alert the media
Pick a few news outlets you'd like to see your event featured in and reach out to the person who writes about events like yours—usually the entertainment editor. Send them an email with the who, what, where, when, why of your event to make it easy for them to write about it.
9. Make sure the price is right
Set your ticket price to convey value to your event goers. People want to feel like their money and their time are well spent.
10. Use influencers
Ask prominent people in your community to help spread the word and give them something in return. Ask them to send personalized email invitations to their networks, or tweet and post about the event in exchange for a comped or discounted ticket. Make it easy on them by giving them pre-written prompts or posts you’d like them to use.
11. Promote some swag
Work with a local restaurant or merchant to get some cool gifts for attendees. If you can’t figure out enough for every attendee, create a contest—you’ll want to make sure the gifts are cool and/or useful!
12. Do it for the 'gram
Did you find an awesome local restaurant to donate food for your event? Great work! Now promote them (and your event) by posting a tasty-looking pic of their food on your Instagram. Your potential ticket buyers will be tempted by what they could be eating—and Instagramming—if they attend. Note: this doesn’t just apply to food, so be sure to share donations from your florist, amazing local gin company, or that party rental business your neighbor owns when they let you borrow their fog machine.
13. Let your dirty work do double duty
You work hard to make sure your event goers have a great experience, so why not double the return on your investment? Snap some pictures of the behind the scenes process (think blowing up balloons to create a balloon pit or hammering the last nail into your homemade replica of the throne from Game of Thrones) and post to social for added hype.
14. Give away your tickets for free
Well, some of them, anyway. Reserve a few tickets for a social media promotion where people have to share your event, use your hashtag, or somehow interact with you on social for a chance to win free tickets.
15. see my guest
Does your event have a high-profile guest? Let their recognizable image stand in for some of your regular advertising. (Don’t forget: this is promotion for them too.) Tweet out a great pic of them or use a tool like WordSwag to post a quote of theirs on Instagram. There’s basically no work for you since guests like these bring their own hype.
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