Sell Event Tickets Online: Why a Ticketing Platform is the Best Choice
Payment Processor vs Ticketing Platform: What's the difference, and which one should I use to sell event tickets online?
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Updated February 2019: Here are our answers to some of the top questions people ask about selling tickets online.

How can I sell my tickets online?
Using a ticketing platform is the best way to sell your tickets online. We’ve created a step-by-step how-to guide on it, which you can find here.

How do I sell event tickets?
Well, that depends on the type of tickets you’re selling. If you’re trying to sell tickets you bought for someone else’s event, see our answers about reselling tickets below. If you’re looking to sell tickets to an event that you’ve created, we recommend using a ticketing platform. We explain all the benefits of ticketing platforms in the video above.

How to resell tickets online?
We’re not in the business of reselling, but we get this question fairly often, so we created a page about it.

What is the best ticket resale site?
We think Seatgeek is a great choice, and they have a detailed FAQ section to answer all of your questions about reselling tickets.

What is the best online ticketing system?
We’re pretty partial to Ticketleap.