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  1. Click the Get Started button above to create your free Ticketleap account.
  2. Customize our event page template with your images, words, and, of course, tickets.
  3. Start sales and share your event page link wherever your buyers are.

And that's it! Ticketleap has over 80 features - some big, some small - all designed to make it easy for you to sell tickets online. You will probably only use a handful of them, but we also have your back when your ticketing needs are more complex.

How it works

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Reasons to choose Ticketleap

Beautiful event websites

We've iterated on this event page design with conversion in mind. Viewers are more likely to buy when they get a little taste of the feeling of the event from the page itself. Ticketleap's template is built to allow your event to express itself, and as a result, maximize attendance.

Smart social sharing

Every time someone buys a ticket they're encouraged to share their purchase on Facebook and Twitter. Not only that, but the social wall on your event's homepage pulls in hashtag mentions from Twitter and Instagram. Social proof does wonders in compelling others to grab their wallets and buy.

Complete ticketing system

We've been improving the Ticketleap product for over 10 years. Today, it's a full featured ticketing system for publishing a page, easily accepting credit cards online, processing sales in person, issuing tickets and scanning them at the door, and with all the ticketing features you'd expect (and even some you won't!).

Ticketleap FastPay

Stop waiting until your event is over to get paid
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Low fees. Simple Pricing.

Online ticket fee

$1 + 2%
Per ticket and capped at $10

Onsite ticket fee

Accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, cash or check at the door

Free for free events

Free should be free! We don't make money until you make money. No fees for free events.

Special pricing for low-priced tickets

For tickets $5 and below our fee drops to just $0.25 per ticket including credit card processing.

Get paid way sooner

Stop waiting until your event is over to get paid! Sign up for Ticketleap FastPay to get paid weekly.

For over 10 years we’ve helped event creators sell 30 million tickets to their events

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