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Very easy to use. I also called to get more information before I committed to Ticketleap and the customer service was fabulous.

- United Way of Leflore County

Amazing as always. Your response time via email and phone is fantastic!

- Saline Community Education

Excellent! Friendly and well-informed! You all are rockstars!!

- 14 to Forever, Inc.

Awesome. Very personable and committed to the success of my event. Really willing to step in and work side-by-side with us to see that things went smoothly. Honestly exceeded my expectations. Customer Service assistance was fast, knowledgeable and willing to troubleshoot ahead of my event. Really, just awesome people.

- Women’s Flat Track Derby Association

WOOT! My love for you grows every day. Thank you- I am really impressed by your customer service and social response time.

- @tdubs530

I LOVE your company and every person with whom I have interacted, and I will definitely be recommending you to everyone I know who does events!


Ticketleap is easy to use with a simple interface and the necessary features work very cleanly. The team has been nice in giving me space to work without undue pressure or interference

- Boston Animation Festival

Easy to learn, well supported by your office. Making online ticket purchases available has enhanced our other marketing efforts and is contributing to improved event attendance.

- Fort Mifflin on the Delaware

I was soooooo happy to find that when I had a problem with a check going to the wrong address, that someone picked up the phone right away to answer my call and was able to resolve my problem quickly and without difficulty. This was refreshing, uncommon, and made me very happy.

- Schoolhouse Earth

We use Ticketleap every year for our Haunted House attraction and it is by far the easiest and most user friendly ticketing program we have ever used. Redeeming is easy and quick. Visitors can buy tickets at the door with a card if they don't have cash and redeem the tickets minutes later. Astonishingly quick.

- Dark Matter Scream Works

your platform is amazing. the only one we found that allowed us to do what we’re doing. great service

- @derekwebb

As far as I'm concerned, your service is the only web ticketing service worth using. It's easy to set up, very customizable, and you provide products to support sales from the time the event is created to the time customers check in at the door. As always, I am very pleased.

- Chasing Parked Cars

I love working with Ticketleap. Customer service is excellent. You are always kind even when my lack of computer skills causes me to ask dumb questions.

- Peggy Sue Productions
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