Confused about ticket resale?

You can resell those tickets through Seatgeek, an event ticket marketplace.

Resell Your Tickets

At Ticketleap, we help people sell tickets to their own unique events.  If you're looking to sell tickets for someone else's event, why not check out our friends at SeatGeek? Their straightforward system makes reselling tickets about as easy as it gets—plus, there are no hidden fees.

It’s easy to do

Upload your tickets and SeatGeek will fill in all the necessary info

Sell at the right price

Use SeatGeek’s Deal Score-backed price recommendations

Everything is transparent

The price you set is the price buyers see

Updated January 2019: Navigating the world of ticket reselling can be confusing, which is probably why we still get questions about it all the time. Here are the top three questions we’ve been asked about reselling tickets online:

1. How can I sell my concert (sports, theater, etc.) ticket?

Reselling your concert or other event ticket online is easy and safe with a reputable event ticket marketplace. Our choice is SeatGeek, and they’ve put together a comprehensive FAQ to answer your questions about things like how to get started selling your tickets, how and when you’ll get paid, and more.

2. Is it legal to buy tickets and resell them?

Yes! (And no.) If you bought a ticket to an event and you no longer want or need it, it’s usually perfectly legal to resell your ticket online and avoid the pain of losing the money you spent on it. However, there are some exceptions that vary by state, so it’s a good idea to check out the laws in your area. Sounds like a lot of work, right? Luckily, our friends at SeatGeek have come to the rescue once again. Here is their handy guide to U.S. ticket resale laws. (Note: They are geeks, not lawyers, so please only use this guide for reference purposes.)

If you have a large quantity of tickets to resell because you are a scalper who uses bots to take tickets from real fans, please see yourself out.

3. Is it legal to resell tickets in the UK?

Although there have been some recent crackdowns in the UK to prevent fraud (like that of the scalpers we mentioned above), it’s still legal for individuals to resell their unwanted tickets. As always, there are some exceptions. Tickets for certain events--for example, Wimbledon--cannot be resold, so you’ll want to read the fine print before you sell (or, ideally, before you buy).

Resell Your Tickets