Fundraising Sites for Events: 4 Ways a Ticketing Platform is the Best Choice for Boosting Your Fundraiser

What does a fundraiser have in common with a long day of spring cleaning or a handmade pot? Gratification, purpose, and reward. It can seem like a slog at first, especially if it’s your first fundraiser (or dusty attic, or clay pot), but there’s something so fundamentally satisfying about building something from nothing for the good of others. It’s the pursuit of this reward that sometimes drives event planners to refuse help.

But the entire point of a fundraiser is to detach ourselves from selfishness and stubbornness and do something good for others. It’s okay to accept help when planning your event. In fact, it’s highly recommended, because the help of a strong ticketing platform will bring larger crowds, more ticket sales, and more awareness for your cause. How? Let’s take a look.

Getting the word out

Even though you don’t have to be a coding savant anymore, building a website can be time-consuming and costly. Between hosting, development, design and advertising, you can plunge into a four- or even five-figure hole before you know it. Thankfully, most ticketing platforms allow event planners like you to create their own pages quickly and easily. Combine this with some of our favorite free tools, and you’ll have a solid selection of time-saving promotional powerhouses at your disposal.

Of course, the best web page in the world is useless without the proper exposure. To meet this need, ticketing platforms also make it easy for you to get the word out on social media or with an email blast. The increased visibility will score you a nice uptick in ticket sales.

Doing the legwork

A close second on the list of famously frazzling to-dos for fundraising event planners is the long list of logistical stuff. Where can I ask about venues? How will we get people checked in? Should we have them sign in, or is that too ‘90s? How do we accept credit cards? Does anyone know how to update our online prices after the early-bird cutoff? And on, and on, and on the questions go. Wouldn’t it be nice to recruit one partner for all of these needs? Enter the event ticketing platform.

By enlisting the services of an event ticketing platform, you also gain access to a tested support department that can answer or find the answer to all of these questions for you. Think of them as your road crew. You come up with the ideas and perform them for your audience, and they’ll plug in all the wires.

Proving battle-tested insights

Even the coolest ideas must be properly packaged in order to succeed in the event-planning world, so it’s only logical to enlist the help of someone who’s been there before. Event ticketing platforms can be hugely beneficial here, offering ideas for structuring your event in the most profitable and memorable way. Even seemingly unimportant details can influence your event’s outcome: the relative position of the entrance to the stage, the check-in method, how ticket purchasers are reminded of the event, and so forth.

If you’re split on a decision, just ask your event ticketing company. They’ll draw from their many experiences to help you structure every detail of your event for increased revenue and engagement. All you have to do is ask.

Speeding up the planning process

Hey, we get it--not every event planner is able to commit 100% of the time to the fundraiser. Not to mention, when tasked by a supervisor to put on an event, you might be given a seemingly unrealistic window to work in. Whether you’ve got two months to plan your event or two weeks, enlisting the help of an event ticketing platform will greatly streamline the planning process. No offense to your pizza-bribed volunteers, but the event ticketing platform is more than just a warm body. They’ve done it dozens or hundreds of times, and they can operate under pressure. They know what to cut out, what to keep, and how to hit your planning milestones on time.

Thanks to advancements in digital marketing, mobile development, and all that other techy goodness, event ticketing platforms are much more than just selling tickets. They deliver a solution for every stage of the event planning and management process. After it’s all said and done, you’ll still feel the full satisfaction of supporting a worthy cause.

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