Eventbrite Alternatives

You’re planning an event and you want to sell tickets online. You read up on Eventbrite’s fees and pricing, and now you’re looking for an alternative. What are your options? Here are the 3 main Eventbrite alternatives:

  1. A different ticketing platform
  2. Your own website + a payment system like Paypal
  3. An ecommerce platform like Shopify

But how do you choose which option to use? There are several factors to consider, like how much time you want to spend setting up your ticketing, your skill level when it comes to building a website, and details about your event. We’ve broken down the 3 main Eventbrite alternatives below to help you make an informed decision.

A different ticketing platform

This is the best choice for most events. Ticketing platforms are a one-stop shop, designed with events in mind. A good ticketing platform lets you create a beautiful event page in minutes (with no coding or design skills necessary) and accept credit card payments online and onsite. It should also help you track sales and manage and promote your current and future events. Finally, you should get great customer support without paying an arm and a leg. We just happen to know a great ticketing platform that fits this description.

Personal website + payment system

This can be a good option if your event already has a homepage, needs a complex custom solution, and you're fairly comfortable with coding. If you don't already have a homepage for your event, you'll need to pay for domain registration and web hosting, which varies in price depending on which solution you choose. Then you'll need to select a payment processor and integrate it into the website you build. The key thing to keep in mind here is that no matter which option you choose--your own website or a ticketing platform--the cost of accepting credit card payments online is pretty much the same across the board. So if you aren't skilled at coding or your event has straightforward ticketing needs, this option might just mean a lot of extra work for you.

Ecommerce platform

We'll admit, this is a bit of a square peg/round hole solution--it's probably not the best fit, but it will get the job done. An ecommerce platform will allow you to do just what its name suggests: sell things online. Basically, you're creating an online store where you can sell tickets to your event. If this feels like it would be better suited to selling handmade jewelry, that's because it is. If you're looking for a solution that was designed with events in mind, your best bet is a ticketing platform. You can sign up for our favorite one below.

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