Event Ticket Software: 5 Ways a Ticketing Platform Will Transform Your Event [and Save Your Time, Money, and Stress Levels]

Looking to sell tickets to your upcoming event? Great news: you’ve come to the right place.

We know that when it comes to events, selling tickets is important, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. With everything that goes into a successful event--marketing, attendee management, and logistics, just to name a few--it’s easy to feel like you need a team of experts in order to juggle all of the tasks at hand.

Luckily, event ticket software does so much more than just help you sell tickets--it gives you the tools you need to transform your event. Even if you’re currently a team of one, it’s like having an event planning committee in a box. Meet your 5 new “teammates” below:

The Web Designer

Building a professional-looking event site takes time, even if you’re good at it. If you’re inexperienced, it can seem like an impossible task. A ticketing platform allows you to build a beautiful event page quickly, even if you’re not at all tech savvy. It’s easy to customize a template with your brand colors and photos (or choose from a photo library) and get an impressive, custom event page live in minutes.

The perks:

A professional web presence

An easy, secure checkout process your customers will love

A great way to promote your event (more on that below)

A way to give your attendees all the information they need in one place, so they know what they're getting into and what to get excited about (don't forget to hype it up!)

The Marketing Manager

Getting the word out about your event doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive, and you don’t need a marketing degree to do it well. All you need are the right tools at your fingertips, which is where your ticketing platform comes in.

The perks:

Social media promotion: share your event page link on the platforms preferred by your audience. Use discount codes and comped tickets for promotional giveaways or influencer invites. 

Get to know your audience with checkout questions for everything from t-shirt sizes to food preferences. Want to know? Just ask!

Stay in touch with your buyers. Your ticketing platform automatically collects email addresses and makes email blasts a breeze. Use a post-purchase message to direct buyers to your website, Facebook, or newsletter signup page.

Got multiple events? Share your event calendar so your buyers can see them all at a glance and purchase in one simple checkout process.

The Accountant

Sure, you’re passionate about your event and the planning is part of the fun. But let’s be honest: money matters too. A ticketing platform lets you oversee and manage your ticket sales, no math required.

The perks:

Detailed reporting whenever you want it. Track sales in real time before your event, get downloadable sales reports and settlement sheets delivered straight to your inbox, or schedule reports to download automatically on your time frame.

Plenty of payment options: Easily and securely accept credit card payments (use your merchant account or ours), or use Paypal.

Simple pricing, no contracts. Unlike other ticketing platforms, Ticketleap’s pricing structure is straightforward and easy to understand: just 2% + $1 for each ticket sold (credit card processing is an industry-standard 3%). If you pass the fees along to your buyers, Ticketleap is completely free for you to use (and we’re always free for free events).

The Customer Support Representative

You want your attendees to have a blast, but a great experience starts before the day of your event. You don’t need to rent out a call center to keep your customers happy. All you need is the right ticketing platform.

The perks:

Contact info right on your custom event page, so your customers can get in touch with you in whatever way you prefer: contact form, phone, or email.

An intuitive admin experience. This doesn’t apply to every ticketing platform, but Ticketleap makes it simple to create multiple admin logins (with variable levels of access), so the other real humans on your team can easily look up orders, edit ticket information, and issue refunds with the click of a button.

A support team for you. Again, we can’t speak for other ticketing platforms (especially the ones who keep their help line number top secret), but Ticketleap’s Client Services team is always easy to reach and happy to help.

The Logistics Expert

All those little details: seating arrangements, legal agreements, and more. They can be boring, yes, but they’re also necessary. Let your ticketing platform manage the minutiae so you still have time for the fun stuff.

The perks:

It’s not only a good idea to use a ticketing platform for your event, it’s almost too easy not to. In about the same time as it took to read this article, you can set up an account and start selling tickets. Ready to get started? Click the button below.

Reserved seating. Our powerful seating chart builder lets you create your own venue with drag-and-drop seats, rows and blocks.

Need your guests to sign a waiver? It’s easy to incorporate a waiver into the checkout process for your event.

Got a recurring event? Use the clone feature to duplicate your original event, so you only have to do the work once.

Streamline the day of event process with easy attendee check-in (use the box office app on your smartphone, or go old school and print an attendee list) and onsite sales.

It’s not only a good idea to use a ticketing platform for your event, it’s almost too easy not to. In about the same time as it took to read this article, you can set up an account and start selling tickets. Ready to get started? Click the button below.

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