5 Tips for Saving Time and Money While Event Planning

Event Planning Tips to Maximize Ticket Sales & Buzz About Your Upcoming Event

We’ve already laid out how to organize and plan the ultimate event, breaking down each step of the event planning process to make your job as designated event planner a little easier. Now that you know how to get the ball rolling on a successful event, we want to share with you our top tips for planning and promoting an event. Whether you’re looking to save money, increase buzz, or save time in your process, we’re here to break down the five tips the experts use to plan the ultimate event.

Don't Be Afraid to DIY

Make Room in Your Budget with a Little Elbow Grease

As we mentioned in our event planning guide, there are plenty of DIY opportunities to take advantage of while event planning. While certain aspects of your budget cannot be sacrificed, one place where your budget has a lot of wiggle room is decor. Whether you’re looking for a DIY table setting or the perfect photo wall for your guests, sites like Pinterest have plenty of low-budget and easy-to-make solutions for making your event look like a million bucks without spending it.

The decor isn’t the only area of your budget that can benefit from a little DIY. Party favors, activity booths, and even some of your food can be created at home. A DIY approach not only allows you to reallocate your budget into bigger and better things, but can look even better and more personalized than something you’d purchase or rent from a store.

Use a Ticketing Platform

Save Time and Boost Sales with an Online Ticketing Platform

No matter your event, you can benefit from using a ticketing platform to manage your ticket sales. Ticketing platforms save you time by allowing you to make a quick and easy website for your event without sacrificing style. From this site, your guests can learn more about the event and purchase their tickets securely. As the event planner, you’ll be able to gather any necessary information about your guests: t-shirt size, dinner preferences, and more--all in one place.

Not only does a ticketing platform help manage ticket sales, but it provides you with tools to boost sales. As the event planner, you’ll be able to add promo or discount codes as needed to help you reach sales goals and provide special offers. If this isn’t your first event, use your ticketing platform’s email blast feature to tell past customers about your upcoming event. As a bonus, include a loyalty discount code.

Utilize Your

Utilize Your Partnerships

When You Succeed, So Do Your Partners

Back in the organizational stages of your event, we encouraged you to seek out valuable partnerships. Large brands and local businesses are often willing to make a donation to your event to get in on the action. Whether your partners and sponsors simply want to put up a banner or add a booth to your event, they add value to your event using their company name. Additionally, since they’re supplying monetary funding, you have more wiggle room in your budget to allocate to other aspects of the event.

But here’s the thing: your partnerships can do a lot more for you than supply cash flow and a banner for the stage. Your partners are often the perfect place to seek free PR. Ask your sponsors to share a post about the event on social media once a week or include the event in their company newsletter to increase buzz within their existing networks.

Advertise on Social Media

Reach Your Audience Organically

Looking for a great way to market your event without spending a lot of money? Look no further than social media. Chances are that a solid chunk of your audience already uses social media. By simply encouraging your sponsors to make a post about your event, you can reach hundreds to thousands of interested people for free.

If you want to increase your social media reach, consider a paid ad. Facebook ads are a low-cost but effective option for reaching new people. From this ad, you can lead people directly to your ticketing platform website so they can buy tickets, learn more, or share the event with friends. For as little as $3 a day, you can really make a difference in the turnout of your event.

During and after your event, be sure to encourage your guests to share images on social media. Do this by creating an event hashtag or having your guests tag the event location. This is especially valuable for recurring events because you’ll have a collection of event photos to share for your next event and an audience of people already interested in your event.

Try a Real World Approach

Meet Your Audience Face-to-Face

When marketing to very specific audiences, consider a creative approach. For example, if you’re promoting tickets for a local indie artist’s show, you may find it difficult to reach the niche music scene on Instagram. However, sending someone to an open mic night or a local record shop with flyers may be a good way to reach this audience.

Another great way to promote your event is with face-to-face promotion. This is extremely popular when advertising events to colleges and universities. Use promoters or table in a common area to spread the word about an upcoming event. (Note: this tactic works especially well if you’re offering free food or a discount code because college students often need both).

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