Brown Paper Tickets vs. Ticketleap: 
What's the difference?
A not un-biased comparison.
Brown Paper Tickets adds unnecessary hurdles between event organizers and their ticket sales.
Ticketleap simplifies event ticketing and helps you sell tickets and collect payment with ease.
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Ticketleap is simple to use.
Brown Paper Tickets’ platform is cumbersome; not easy to navigate.
Ticketleap has an intuitive, user friendly platform.
Ticketleap's fees are straightforward.
Brown Paper Tickets is more expensive if you use your own merchant account.
Ticketleap does not charge a credit card processing fee for your own merchant account.
Ticketleap pays their customers 3-5 business days after the event.
Brown Paper Tickets mails a check.
Ticketleap allows you to opt into direct deposit or choose payment by check.
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