How to Plan a Successful Can Release

You spent the time planning, you set a date, and you have a loyal fanbase of beer enthusiasts who have marked their calendars. It’s only natural to think of your can release as an event, and it’s a smart idea to treat it like one. Here are some huge benefits to selling tickets to your can release using a ticketing platform:

You’ll learn more about your audience. You probably won’t have time on the day of your can release to stroll around and chat with all of your customers. Luckily, there’s a better way to get to know them. A good ticketing platform provides buyer data and reporting to give you insight into customer loyalty, revenue, and more, so you can get a detailed look at your customer base and determine the success of your event.

While numbers don’t lie, sometimes you need information that’s a bit more abstract. Registration questions--questions you can include in the ticket purchase process--are a great tool. Include a question about clothing sizes if you’re giving out t-shirts as swag. Ask your buyers about their favorite beer style to make future can releases successful. Or just find out if they’d be interested in hearing about your other events.

A ticketing platform can also give you a better understanding of demand. Starting ticket sales early (before you brew) can show you that you need to increase your batch size to accommodate demand, or that you need to create a second release event.

You’ll improve your marketing success. Another benefit of a good ticketing platform is marketing tools. Your custom can release event page allows you to upsell to your customers without being pushy. Sell merch like hoodies and pint glasses so they can pick up these items along with their cans.

Your event page can also drive traffic to your other events, or to your brewery’s website.

Create loyalty discount codes with the info you gathered from your sales report, or make an early bird ticket type and offer special pricing to your social media followers.

Use your ticketing platform’s email blast feature to stay in touch with your customers.

Reach new targets by sharing your event link everywhere you can--customers who were hesitant to wait in line and risk sellout are much more likely to purchase when they know they’re guaranteed to get a six pack.

Your customers will love it. Diehard beer fans know that can releases can be a mixed bag. Long lines aren’t unusual, and can feel unfair--the people who get beer aren’t always those who appreciate it most; they’re just the ones who have time to wait. Selling tickets to your can release is a way to even the playing field and create a painless buying experience. Stagger sales (or do surprise sales, announced on social media) to give more people a chance to get cans.

In addition to an improved purchasing process, a ticketing platform also makes release day a breeze. Check your buyers in with just their ID and either with your ticketing platform’s app or automatically-generated attendee list. Streamlining your can release keeps your customers happy, and gives you more time to think of creative ways to surprise and delight your customers. Here are some ideas:

Think seasonal

Whether it’s a pumpkin beer in the fall or a refreshing pilsner on a hot summer day, seasonal offerings are a guaranteed hit. Plus, since seasonals are inherently temporary, offering them creates a sense of urgency for your customers.

Members only

Selling can memberships pairs well with the seasonal offerings we mentioned above, but will work for any regularly-scheduled releases. Sell groups of can releases in advance so your most dedicated fans can keep their fridges stocked with your beer all year long.

The perfect pairing

Partner with a local restaurant to create a culinary-inspired beer with gourmet ingredients and let the restaurant create a pairing menu to accompany it.

Support the arts

Invite local artists or an arts organization to collaborate with your brewery to design label art for your next can release. In the weeks leading up to release day, turn your brewery into a gallery and display the work of the artists you’ve partnered with. It’s the perfect way to for you promote your can release and for them to promote (or even sell) their art.

Treat your customers

If the size of your brewery means you can’t avoid a line on release day (or you’ve just planned it that way), make it an experience to remember. Playing some great music is a must (there’s nothing like total silence to ruin a good time). In the summer, have cold drinks and frozen treats like ice cream and popsicles on hand. During winter, your customers will welcome things like coffee, hot chocolate, and warm donuts.

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