How To Get More Press For Your Brewery

There's a reason that craft beers are in everyone's pint glass and on everyone's taps. Locally crafted, unique flavours that are painstakingly developed, and fresh batches make them hard to resist. But with the rise of craft breweries, that means competition in the market is getting just as competitive. For your brand to grow, you need to increase your marketing and get your name out there. While the benefits of getting your brand in print are huge, it's easier said than done. With hundreds of other stories competing for space daily, you'll have to find and create ways to differentiate yourself from the other groups vying for print space. You'll have to know how to correctly position and communicate your story to papers.

Focus your brewery PR on what makes you different.

Maybe it's your passion for what you do; maybe it's the exciting backstory that brought you to open a craft brewery, or perhaps it's the people you employ. Before you pitch any papers, spend some time considering what sets you apart and start to develop your brand story. Your beers stand out from the crowd - make sure your brand story does too.

Have a brewery press release template.

The theory behind this is simple - writers and bloggers can't write about your brewery if they don't know you have something exciting going on. Whether you are launching a new beer, brewed entirely with local ingredients, or you're holding a contest to name your next batch, the most professional way to get the word out is to use a press release. Consulting a professional to help you build out your template will mean your press release is an ace every time.

Brewery events for charity.

Build brand awareness and goodwill by partnering with a charity to help promote your brewery. Plan monthly initiatives to raise funds and awareness and issue press releases to promote these events. Whether you decide to donate proceeds from sales of one specific beer or whether you host events like a community dog run to build awareness, things that are a little different help push your press release to the top of the pile. This one goes beyond just “getting press”. Craft breweries succeed because of their community and this is a lovely way to support the community that supports you!

Celebrate your brewery achievements.

Did you sell your 10,000th can of beer? Celebrate how you’re a local success story - pitch how much you’ve grown and what you see as the future of your industry. Success paired with perspective and insight is a great combination--a feel good story that traditional media can get behind. Plan these pitches ahead of time but using your own internal business goals as the milestones you want to pitch. By planning your pitches ahead of time, you won’t miss out on great opportunities.

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