Streamline Can Releases, Curbside Pickups, and Beer Sales with Reserved Time Slots

In the age of social distancing measures, long lines and crowded breweries can pose some legitimate challenges for your brewery and your loyal customers. The good news? Our user-friendly, free ticketing system is the perfect solution with your high-demand can releases, growler fills, and beer sales!

Here’s what our ticketing system can do for your brewery:

Limit capacity and keep everyone safe. It happens during most of your can releases, right? At a certain point, there’s a line of excited customers out the door waiting to get their hands on your latest brew. With the heavy focus now placed on maintaining social distancing, this scenario is far from ideal. But you can resolve this challenge by spreading out the crowds evenly across time slots and letting your customers reserve the time they want. Use our ticketing system to set capacity limits at customizable time intervals (every 5 minutes, every 10 minutes, etc.) to keep visitor numbers under control. By limiting each time slot to a predetermined number of customers, you can prevent unsafe crowd levels from building up at typically popular hours, keeping the public and your staff safe, healthy, and happy!

Accept payment online to keep pickup quick. Streamline your curbside pickup and to-go beer sales process by using a no-touch, exclusively pre-pay strategy. By processing orders alongside the timed pickup reservations, you’ll help your customers collect their purchases and be on their way in just a few minutes. Use our ticketing system to collect payment in full for merchandise, cans, growler fills - whatever you’ve got! Within the online checkout, customers will also be prompted to choose a time slot to pick up their beer order. Once they arrive at your brewery, customers can simply present their proof of purchase to pick up their goods, totally contactless with no onsite payment necessary!

Gain valuable insights for future releases. Beyond the more obvious operational perks a ticketing solution can bring your brewery, comprehensive systems like ours are also built to provide valuable customer data, like top purchasers, highest-selling beers and merch, peak pickup hours, and more. Use these granular insights to identify common trends, find out who’s visiting your brewery, and better plan your next can release. Plus, you’ll be building a database of some of your brewery’s most devoted customers to fuel marketing campaigns, solicit survey responses, and help your business thrive for years to come!

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