5 Ideas to Keep Your Brewery’s Taproom Packed All Year Round

You’ve mastered the craft of brewing delicious beer, but sometimes suds just ain’t enough. Maybe your city empties out every summer as residents flock to the beach, or the winters are so frigid that no one wants to leave the house. No matter the reason, here are some creative ways to keep your brewery packed during the slow season:

1. Enjoy the great outdoors.

In the warmer months, people love spending time outside. Partner with local food trucks for a fun twist on your usual pairings. When it’s cold outside, winterize your outdoor space with heat lamps and fire pits. Your brewery will become a go-to destination for cooped up customers when cabin fever sets in, especially if you get creative with winter-themed events, food, and beers.

2. Those who can brew, teach.

Share your expertise with eager homebrewers. Host a class and teach attendees how to brew that Brut IPA you’ve perfected. Paid tickets greatly reduce no-shows, so there’s nothing wrong with charging for your expertise. Increase ticket value by including something attendees can take home, like a pint glass and printed homebrew recipes.

3. It’s all fun and games.

Consider low-cost, high-fun activities that everyone loves. Get a projector and turn an empty wall into a movie screen--arrange chairs theater-style and sell tickets to ensure everyone gets a seat. Gather a collection of your favorite board games, or host a trivia night. No matter which you choose, beer and fun are always a perfect pairing.

4. Takeout beer and food.

Even in bad weather or on a busy weeknight, people will still stop by to pick up a six pack. Advertise some great to-go specials by coming up with unique food and six pack pairings. If your brewery doesn’t serve food, partner with a local restaurant.

5. Community.

Maximize the use of your space and rent it out to local groups for events or donate the space to a nonprofit in exchange for promotion at their event. Your brewery will earn money during off-peak hours, and you’ll get some free advertising. Take it a step further and create event packages to provide food, drinks, and decor.

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