Fundraising 101: How to Plan the Perfect Event and Support Your Cause

Feeling both honored and frightened? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you along every step of the fundraiser planning process. You were chosen for a reason. Someone believes in your ability to bring people together, rally support around a cause and, of course, manage the inevitable last-second mishaps. We’ve got everything you need to organize and promote the perfect fundraiser, so come on in and soak up these knowledge gems!

Fundraising Ideas: 6 Questions to Ask to Make Your Event Stand Out

What’s the difference between a well-intended flop and a massively successful fundraising event? We’ll give you a hint: it’s not just the cause. Fundraisers are driven by passionate people, but crowds are driven by great events. Just because it’s a fundraiser, doesn’t mean you aren’t selling a product. Luckily, the key to a standout event is simpler than you might think. Just ask yourself these questions, and in answering them, you’ll create a successful fundraiser.

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Cheap Fundraising Ideas

What’s the point of a fundraiser that costs a ton of money to plan and execute? For every dollar you save, that’s more revenue for the noble cause that you’re supporting. With a little creativity and a strong volunteer force, you can entertain event-goers for next to nothing. Take a look at our favorite fundraiser ideas for fabulously frugal planners.

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Fundraising Ideas for Schools

The days of sending kids door-to-door in freezing weather while their parents stand awkwardly in strangers’ driveways are coming to a close. They’re kickball and candy enthusiasts, not canvassers! If you want to make a memorable impact on students while maximizing the success of your fundraising event, you need to put the kids first. Here’s our take on the best fundraising ideas for schools.

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Fundraising Sites for Events: 4 Ways a Ticketing Platform is the Best Choice for Boosting Your Fundraiser

When it comes to fundraising, there’s something so fundamentally satisfying about building something from nothing for the good of others. It’s the pursuit of this reward that sometimes drives event planners to refuse help. But it’s okay to accept help when planning your event. In fact, it’s highly recommended, because the help of a strong ticketing platform will bring larger crowds, more ticket sales, and more awareness for your cause. How? Let’s take a look.

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Free Fundraising Ideas: The Best Tips and Tools to Plan, Promote, and Manage Your Fundraising Event

Transforming a single idea into a successful fundraiser with great attendance is already a feat to be proud of. Doing so with little to no funding, though, is an epic undertaking. Whether it’s a matter of personal pride or a shoestring budget that has you searching for free fundraising tools and methods, the more you know, the better. Check out our comprehensive list of tips and tricks here.

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