Eventbrite Pricing
Eventbrite’s switch to a tiered pricing structure has made it difficult for event organizers to determine if it’s the right ticketing platform for their event. (You don’t even want to know how many tabs we had to open to do the research for this page.) We broke down the different packages to show you what you get for your money, and especially what you don’t. For a quick at-a-glance look at Eventbrite’s pricing, see our Eventbrite Fees page.
Essentials package
Eventbrite’s Essentials Package is just that: the essentials, and not much more. The fee structure for this package is 2% of ticket price + 79 cents per ticket, with no maximum fee. If you opt for this package, you’ll get access to Eventbrite’s online help center (their FAQ website). You will also get basic ticketing and registration, and you can have your event listed on Eventbrite’s site as well as their partner sites. This package limits you to just one ticket type.
Eventbrite’s Professional Package is your only choice if you have more than one ticket type or you’d like to customize your checkout form--pretty basic features for most events. The fee structure for this package is 3.5% of ticket price + $1.59 per ticket, with no maximum fee. If you choose this package, you’ll get all of the features listed in the Essentials Package above, plus analytics, payouts before your event, customizable checkout forms, multiple ticket types, a widget to sell tickets on your own site, and limited access to Eventbrite’s customer support team. Most event organizers will fall into the professional package of pricing, which is higher than comparable pricing on alternative platforms.
Premium Package
This is Eventbrite’s top-tier package. Selecting this option gives you all of the features listed above, plus more options that you can discuss with an Eventbrite salesperson. You will also need to speak to them about pricing, since this is a custom option. This package is best for enterprise-scale events that sell tickets at a very high volume. If this sounds like your event, it makes sense to weigh your options and get quotes from other companies to be sure you’re getting the right solution at the best price. We recommend checking out Showclix first.

Here are the features Eventbrite thinks you should pay extra for:
Eventbrite pricing customer support icon
Customer support (speaking with a real person)
Eventbrite pricing getting paid icon
Getting paid before your event
Eventbrite pricing attendee questions icon
Attendee questions
Eventbrite pricing multiple ticket types icon
Multiple Ticket Types
Eventbrite pricing embed icon
Embeddable widget so you can sell tix on your own website
Eventbrite pricing reserved seating icon
Reserved seating/seating charts
Eventbrite pricing detailed analytics icon
Detailed Analytics
The changes to Eventbrite’s pricing structure reflect a shift in focus. They want to spend their time and energy on big clients with specific needs. And that’s okay--there’s room for all types of ticketing platforms. But if you’re an event organizer who needs more than just the very basics, Eventbrite might not be the best fit for you. It’s easy to find a ticketing platform with a robust feature list and a low price. It’s even easier (and free) to sign up for one. Right at the bottom of this page.
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