Eventbrite Fees
At Ticketleap, we hear from a lot of current and former Eventbrite customers who aren’t happy with the changes Eventbrite has made to their pricing structure. We get it. The new fees can be confusing to understand, and they’ve become too expensive for many event organizers. Below, we’ve broken down Eventbrite’s fees to help you make an informed decision about the right ticketing platform for you.
Essentials package
Fees: 2% of ticket price + 79 cents per ticket, no maximum fee
This is Eventbrite’s most basic plan. It allows you to sell tickets online, but not much beyond that. This is a very no-frills plan, so it could make sense for simple events with only one ticket type to sell. Just be sure to do the math and calculate your potential fees, since Eventbrite doesn’t have a limit on how much they’ll charge in fees per ticket (our cap on fees is $10).
Professional package
Fees: 3.5% of ticket price + $1.59 per ticket, no maximum fee
This is Eventbrite’s middle tier package. You get some perks like limited customer service and some data/reporting. If you have more than one ticket type, want to speak to a real person for help instead of browsing an FAQ page, or you’re interested in the data behind your ticket sales, you’ll need to opt for the professional package. The downside: this plan gets pretty pricey. Most other ticketing platforms (including Ticketleap) charge less than Eventbrite and provide more features and benefits.
Premium package
Fees: Unknown. You’ll need to talk to an Eventbrite salesperson for pricing info.
This is where things get murky. Premium users get all of the features Eventbrite has to offer, but pricing is negotiated on an individual basis. If you have a large event with the potential to sell a high volume of tickets, this plan might be right for you. When there’s more opportunity to profit on ticket sales, the fee structure can be flexible. In a situation like this, we think it’s a good idea to see all your options so you can make an informed choice. If Ticketleap isn’t a good fit for your enterprise-sized event, we recommend checking out Showclix.

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