How to Plan an Event

Your Start-to-Finish Guide for Event Planning

So here’s the deal. You somehow got put in charge of planning the next event for your organization, work, friend, or even yourself. You want your event to be a resounding success, but know that there are probably going to be a variety of logistics that you’re not prepared for; sometimes, you don’t even know what you don’t know, and don’t want to end up with a failure of an event. You want your event to be smooth, purposeful, tasteful, and go over without flaw.

Believe us when we say we’ve been there. Even masters of organization can feel a little lost when taking charge of a task as daunting as event planning. It’s hard to know where to start when having to worry about the numerous tasks and dilemmas you are about to face. Since we’ve been there, we want to help make your event planning process as seamless as possible. That’s exactly why we’ve put together the ultimate guide to event planning. From laying the foundation for a successful event to tips from the experts, this series is here to make your life as an event planner simple.

Laying Your Event Foundation: Getting Organized

The First and Most Important Steps in Event Planning

Before kicking off your event planning, there are a few vital steps you need to take. Since getting organized can be daunting, we’ve laid out everything you need to know about getting started.

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Important Event Planning Resources

Everything You Need for a Stylish and Fun Event

While often the most fun aspect of the processes, ironing out the details can also be a stressful aspect of event planning. Let us ease that stress with these super valuable event planning resources.

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Time and Money-Saving Tips from the Pros

How to Utilize Partnerships, Money-Saving Tactics, and More to Make Your Event a Success

Expert tips of marketing, building partnerships, and making your event the ultimate success! Read up on these event planning tips now.

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Event planned and ready to launch?

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