7 Fun Virtual Event Ideas to Captivate Your Audience

Hosting online events is a great way to connect with audiences who may not be able to attend in person. But coming up with unique virtual event ideas that are fun and immersive is no small feat. That’s why our team at Ticketleap did the heavy lifting for you. From nonprofit virtual events to virtual wine club ideas, our list of online event ideas will give your audience an experience they won’t forget!

1. Online trivia

Themed trivia events are a fun way to get people talking and bring out their competitive spirit. Start by building your trivia rounds off of general knowledge, like history, holidays, or pop culture. Once you have an established audience base, you can ask them for recommendations on what topics they want to see and start marketing them for upcoming dates! With so many possible ideas, you’ll be able to host monthly or weekly trivia nights year-round. Plus, if you’re using an intuitive ticketing system, you can sell tickets by person or team, allowing friends to play together or give attendees from anywhere a chance to meet new people.

2. Online workshop

Don’t be afraid to break away from your usual event content and share your expertise with your community by live streaming a class! To get started, determine the skills your audience is interested in learning online. For example, if you’re a virtual wine club, you could host an informative class on different types of wine. Also consider separating classes based on difficulty so you can offer valuable information to audiences of all skill levels.

3. Classic game night 

Make your audience feel like they’re on their favorite game show by hosting one of your own! Use the same format of popular game shows like Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune so your attendees will already have a working knowledge of how to play before they buy tickets. Or, host other classic games that let multiple people win in one night, like Bingo, Pictionary, and Charades. And be sure to display a scoreboard to keep track of who’s in the lead throughout the night! Lastly, when you’re putting together the prizes for your winners, offer something they can’t get anywhere else, like tickets to your other events or exclusive merchandise. 

4. Talent show 

A virtual talent show provides the perfect platform for performers to entertain huge audiences! For example, if you’re a college student looking to get your commuter students involved, this is a great virtual event idea for other students to support their peers. Invite local guests, coaches, or professors to boost online attendance! And if you’re looking for additional in-person event ideas to go along with your virtual experiences, check out our irresistible event ideas for universities.

5. Murder mystery party 

Eager for a game of Clue? Choose a charismatic host, an engaging theme, and create an online murder story for your guests to investigate! Create fun character profiles then send the assigned characters out to each guest ahead of time in case they want to embrace their role and get into costume. Make sure to choose a video platform with private chat room features so you can break your attendees into teams for their sleuthing.

6. Scavenger hunt 

Hosting a virtual scavenger hunt is simple to set up and exciting for audiences of all ages! (Plus, it’s a great way for your audience to get some exercise while at home.) First, create a list of items for attendees to find in their own homes. These can be a family photo, their favorite mug, a stuffed animal, something blue, something round, or anything in between. Then, set a time limit to find each item. You can have attendees search for all the items at once and crown whoever found the most as the winner. Or you can have attendees find each item individually and knock out those who take the longest in each round.

7. Online speed dating 

Online speed dating is perfect for those who live locally and want to meet new people without the pressure of attending in person. Have ice-breaker questions prepared for your attendees to use as a guideline in case their nerves get the best of them, like what their dream vacation is. Have a time limit in place for each meeting (typically, 3-minute rounds are ideal) and then rotate! After the event, email everybody with their matches and contact information.

Looking for a way to fundraise? In exchange for a small donation, send attendees a list of everyone who was interested in meeting with them but were not paired with them.

When you’re ready to get your virtual event up and running, you need an easy-to-use platform that allows you to sell tickets fast and offers secure access to your online experiences. Enter, Ticketleap. With Ticketleap, you gain free access to all the customizable tools you need to manage attendees and ticket sales, making hosting an incredible virtual event super simple!