6 Ways to Step Up Your Ticketleap Event Landing Page

You've successfully set up your free Ticketleap account, congratulations! Now it’s time for the fun part: creating your event landing page and getting those tickets live and ready to sell. The first impression your customers have of your event page can make or break their decision to follow through with their purchase, so you want to take extra care to build it the right way. What makes a good landing page, you might be wondering? We’re glad you asked! As you build your page on Ticketleap and get more eyes on your event listing, follow these six tips to help boost your ticket sales.

Use attention-grabbing images

What’s the first thing that will catch customers’ eyes on your event page? Your header image! Use this space as an opportunity to give a snapshot into your event. The more exciting and intriguing the image, the more interested your audience will be (and more likely to purchase tickets). Showcase attendees having a blast at a past event, a notable guest sharing a laugh with the audience, or a branded graphic that showcases your lineup of performances and activities. Plus, on top of your main image, Ticketleap makes it easy to add other photos alongside your event description, so you can show a highlight reel of everything you have to offer. And remember, make sure all your images are high resolution – the clearer, the better. Doing some simple editing, using a tripod, and testing different camera angles can also go a long way in bolstering your event photography.

Example: Home Page

Put your description to good use

This is the heart of your event listing, so make it count! Be sure to highlight the most interesting parts of your event and include what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, and what your attendees will get out of it. Your event description should be the place where you're educating potential customers on what they're going to get from you and convincing them they need to see it for themselves! To make the biggest impact, discuss only the most exciting aspects of your festivities. If someone’s on your page, they’re already interested in what you have to offer, so give them the highlights and then stand back to let them buy.

Example: About Us Page

Double up for mobile

Did you know that likely 75% of the traffic to your event page is from a mobile device? If most of your audience is visiting your event listing from their phones, it’s doubly important that your page looks great on any device (mobile, desktop, tablets – you get the picture). Ticketleap has already done all the heavy lifting for you to make sure your ticketing page is mobile-friendly, so all you need to do is double check that you like how your images are cropped and how your event description is formatted.

Example: Mobile Version

Highlight your additional offerings

To build the best event landing page possible, you need to make the most of all the features Ticketleap has to offer. For example, if you’re hosting multiple events, add an event calendar directly on your listing to showcase them all at once. Offer multiple ticket types (general admission, VIP, senior discount, etc.) for a single event to cater to multiple audiences and bring in more money. You should even consider selling additional add-ons alongside your ticket sales, like exclusive merchandise and parking passes, to give your attendees an even better event experience.

Make it easy to contact you

Sometimes your more curious potential buyers will need a few more details before sealing the deal. In these cases, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to talk to your team directly and get quick answers. Including an email address and a phone number on your Ticketleap event listing shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile for them. You should also include links to your social media accounts so they can check out even more of your event and stay connected as your event gets closer.

Example: Email & Social Handles

Share, share, share!

The best way to get people onto your event landing page is with eye-catching marketing campaigns that stop them in their tracks. This means you should share your Ticketleap event listing everywhere – in your social media bios, on your event’s website, on social posts, in emails, as QR codes on flyers, and anywhere else you can think of! On top of being where you sell your tickets, think of this as a landing page for event promotion as well! As people start talking more about your event and recommending it to their friends, your listing will be ready to share to get them excited about your event and buy tickets, too.

With Ticketleap by your side, you’ll be fully equipped to build the best event landing page possible. Now, let your creative juices flow as you master the art of crafting an effective ticketing page, then watch those ticket sales roll in!